Sunday, 24 November 2013

Saint Kidd Blog Post!

I will try and make this post as short as possible because this weekend I had an amazing time and this is when my fangirling could take over! So me and a friend went down the the Saint kidd pop up shop in London! And I was a little sad because I didn't have a lot of money to spend and I know they had some really nice items in there! If only they had done this event after I got paid haha! But I did have just enough to purchase one item! And I brought this top that I really like and can't wait to wear, and it also helped that they lowered the prices a bit! I saw lots of nice things in the shop and when I get paid I'm defiantly going on a shopping spree In Saint Kidd! 
So once we were done with the shopping side of the event, we knew that Dougie Poytner was going to turn up later so we waited around for a couple of hours. Now Dougie Poynter Is one of my absolutle favourite people on this planet! He is from the band McFly who I have completely adored for 10 years! And I had the opportunity to meet him along with many other fans! So we waited around in the queue freezing our buts off! But it was all totally worth it! I was surprisingly calm when i was waiting in the queue up until when I got closer to seeing him I started getting a little bit nervous! I'm a nervous person anyway so I was just saying to myself "Now is not the time to embarrass yourself" As I always do! So the moment came when I went up to meet him, I was also nervous about having to ask him for a hug as I feel so awkward when I ask people for hugs! But while I was walking up to him he had his arms out ready and he casually said "Hi! How are you?" and I replied (trying to stay cool) "I'm good thanks!" when really I was like dying inside haha! Let me just say that Dougie gives the most gentle hugs ever! This is when my fangirling takes over! LOL! But In all seriousness getting to meet one of my Idols was the most amazing feeling. That hug is a memory I will keep forever! I felt like I kinda rushed it a little bit while I was meeting him! So I really hope I didn't seem rude or anything! But I just wanted to say that I had such a great day thanks to Saint Kidd! The staff who worked there were so helpful and friendly and made everyone feel really welcome! Thank you!
<3 xxx

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