Saturday, 29 August 2015

Rainy Days & Autumn beginnings

Hey all!
Thought I would share with you a few things that I've been posting on my Instagram lately. As you know Photography is something that I absolutely love and I created an Instagram where I can share my work with people so I thought I would create a little series where every now and then I can share my photo's with you on here and then you can always follow me on Instagram for more updates, sound good?

There's a few photo's to start of with. It's definitely starting to feel a lot like autumn now with the sun going down early and the late sun rises. Definitely going to miss summer and it's sunny weather, luckily I'm off to Italy next weekend so it's not quite over for me just yet!
Almost forgot to mention you can follow my Instagram 'thingsworthcapturing' for more updates if ya fancy it! 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Favourite Movie Moments.

Yes, I am a huge sucker for movies. Especially cute romantic comedies and flick chicks and musicals. Just generally happy movies! Thought it would be fun to go ahead and share with you a few of my favourite moments from a few of my favourite movies.

Coming from my all time favourite movie. Heath ledger has to be hands down was one of the most gorgeous men on earth. But that's not just the reason I love this film, the quotes, the cuteness and just the whole story line never bores me. Seriously I have lost count at how many times I've seen this. Especially this moment ^

We studied this film a lot when I took media studies at school some years ago so we were constantly watching it until the point I finally got sick of it. But you can't beat the classic quotes from this movie "If your from Africa why are you white?" 

My second favourite movie! And the part where Mia finds out she's a princess. Imagine living your life for 15 years and juts finding out your part of a royal family? "I'm a princess? Shut up1" I can totally understand her reaction.

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" Just the cutest. I also love the "LIGHTBUBLBBB" part. 

The part where they found out they're twins gets me emotional every time.

"I'll show you how valuable Elle woods can be!" So many funny lines from this movie. 

All the English versions have been annoyingly taken of youtube. But this is such a gorgeous scene and one of my favourite songs. It actually sounds very pretty in a different language too though! 

This brings me so much happiness and the whole scene and generally the whole film is so magical. But I have to say this song gives me proper chills. 

Had to include pitch perfect somewhere! Absolutely love both movies. I actually think the second one has more humour and funny moments in it but I couldn't pick just one favourite moment. But I do love this cover at the end of the 1st film. 

There's honestly so many more favourites parts and favourite movies that I love but thought I would narrow down my top 10 and share them with you. 

What are your favourite movies? 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Patterned tops & Sparkly shoes!

Tops - Zara 
Jeans - Primark 
Shoes - New Look 

I used to shop in Zara a lot of the time but then suddenly it became something that I was never really that fussed with any more. The other day I popped in there and rummaged around for a while until in their sale section I came across these pattered Tshirts. They look very similar but each has something different and unique about them. I absolutely loved the cute patterns and the colours. 

Again with New Look it was a shop I used to go into quite a bit but there was something about it I didn't really like any more. To be honest I think it's always a bit of 'hit or miss' with me. But I do know that they can do some really great shoes in there. I have been looking for some new shoes for so long, and something like this was exactly what I had in mind. I wanted something different to what I usually go for but I wanted comfiness too and this pair is definitely both! 
These have turned out to be my favourite pair of shoes, I just love them! They are sparkly, they just don't look it so much in the pictures. At first I wondered if sparkly was maybe a bit tacky? But I love sparkles because the pink shade wasn't so 'in your face' and tasteful I thought these were just more casual and pretty. 
In the sun they sort turn into a metallic pink and extra sparkly! Me personally I love them! Perfect for my holiday coming up! 

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Recent Favourites

Hey all!
I'm so chuffed that I can get back onto blogging regularly now that my laptop has been fixed (It feels so good to write on a brand new key board!) Having recently done a 'beauty favourites' post I wanted to do a follow up from that and I wanted to share with you just things that I have been loving in general. Some of these I have blogged about before, to be honest I think most of these I have mentioned previously but I felt like they all deserved to be placed in one single post and to be mentioned again!

Starting off with my newest purchase I recently bought this head band from H&M, I've always loved headbands and hair accessories but have felt that they've never really suited me. I have quite a small head and find it hard to find things that fit it and in general I have never felt like I could pull these kind of things off. But I absolutely loved the patterns and the style of this head band and also thought it would be perfect to wear on holiday. It's also great for when your putting on your make up and I also actually sleep in it sometimes because there's nothing I hate more than sleeping with hair in my face (actually there's a lot of things I hate much more, but ya get what I mean!) It's just a cute little accessory to have on your head!

Moving onto my second newest purchase MACRO LENS yes I get excited every time about it because being a little obsessed with photography I've always wanted a macro lens and I'm so glad I have finally got myself one. Have literally been using it every day. Feel free to follow my IG 'Thingsworthcapturing' for more updates on my photography (:

I'm in complete love with my 'Friends' tshirt and have been since I bought it a few months back from Primark. I saw this in a haul video and couldn't stop thinking about that tshirt so I just had to get it myself! Friends is a huge love of mine and I am constantly watching it and I just love lounging around in this top.

I have only lately fallen back in love with these body butters from The Body shop, I've always loved them I just sort of forgot about them for a while. This is one I've had for a long time and found this laying around in my draw so decided to start using it again. Unless you've tried it I can't exactly explain how amazing the smell is, cocoa butter heaven! My skin is left feeling incredibly soft after this.

Purple has always been a favourite colour of mine to wear on my nails and I've really been loving this shade! Perfect for summer too.

I've always wanted a gold watch, I just find something about them so classy and pretty. Although yes mine is no expensive watch, from Primark to be exact. I still love it and I find that It goes well with any out fit.

The thing I love about this Q&A diary is that you don't know what question is going to come up next (Unless you look before you should) until the day you come across it, makes you think on the spot for sure! A lot of fun to fill out.

Lets just say dry shampoo is my new best friend.

Hope your all having a good weekend so far, until next time!

Thursday, 6 August 2015


It's gorgeous weather outside today and here's me thinking our summer weather was over. I'm not up to anything special today apart from popping out to a couple of places so here's an outfit of the day for you.

Top - Marks & Spencers 
Necklace - H&M
Bracelet - Primark 
Bag - Primark 

This is a top I actually got a couple of years back but it's still one of my favourites. Some people my call it a jumper though personally I don't think it's thick enough, but it's super comfy! 
On the bottom half I'm literally just wearing a pair of skinny trousers from Primark. If your looking for an affordable pair of jeans I highly recommend Primark, over the years I've bought a lot of skinny's from there and they have lasted really well and they also have a wide range to choose from. Though don't come home and find you actually picked up the wrong size (always check the label) I slightly forgot on that occasion, oops. 
I love the way this bracelet shines in the sun.

Hope your all having a good week and enjoying the weather. I've got a very short shift at work tomorrow from 6am then off to London to Kew Gardens for some Photography fun.
Until next time...

Monday, 3 August 2015

Individual stories/Humans Of New York

These days I think we're so focussed on 'society' and that we tend to forget that within that society there are millions and millions of people living individual lives. No ones life is the exact same, we all live different moments, we all experience different things, different emotions, different feelings. We may go through something similar and that people can relate to but we never live the same life as someone else. I like to think that I've always been a person that remembers that but I know there are people that don't. Not so long ago I discovered an account that has fastly become one of my absolute favourite social media accounts. Humans Of New York you might have heard of it?
Just in case you haven't heard of it and would like to be filled in it's an account (Instagram) where photo's are uploaded of absolutely anyone and let's us hear a teeny tiny glimpse of someone's life and what they've been through. I find it so interesting because each little story is so different and sometimes you'll read something you would have never imagined. But I think it's a reminder that everybody has a story to tell and every body has been through or is currently going through something that we wouldn't know about. That's why I'm a firm believer of spreading love and positivity (God that sounds cheesy) but in all honesty there is too much negativity and hate in this world and I feel like that brings people down even more. I'm always obsessed with Instagram and I think this is such a creative idea. There really are a lot of brave, strong and amazing people in this world and that's something we shouldn't ever forget. 
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