Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Favourite Movie Moments.

Yes, I am a huge sucker for movies. Especially cute romantic comedies and flick chicks and musicals. Just generally happy movies! Thought it would be fun to go ahead and share with you a few of my favourite moments from a few of my favourite movies.

Coming from my all time favourite movie. Heath ledger has to be hands down was one of the most gorgeous men on earth. But that's not just the reason I love this film, the quotes, the cuteness and just the whole story line never bores me. Seriously I have lost count at how many times I've seen this. Especially this moment ^

We studied this film a lot when I took media studies at school some years ago so we were constantly watching it until the point I finally got sick of it. But you can't beat the classic quotes from this movie "If your from Africa why are you white?" 

My second favourite movie! And the part where Mia finds out she's a princess. Imagine living your life for 15 years and juts finding out your part of a royal family? "I'm a princess? Shut up1" I can totally understand her reaction.

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" Just the cutest. I also love the "LIGHTBUBLBBB" part. 

The part where they found out they're twins gets me emotional every time.

"I'll show you how valuable Elle woods can be!" So many funny lines from this movie. 

All the English versions have been annoyingly taken of youtube. But this is such a gorgeous scene and one of my favourite songs. It actually sounds very pretty in a different language too though! 

This brings me so much happiness and the whole scene and generally the whole film is so magical. But I have to say this song gives me proper chills. 

Had to include pitch perfect somewhere! Absolutely love both movies. I actually think the second one has more humour and funny moments in it but I couldn't pick just one favourite moment. But I do love this cover at the end of the 1st film. 

There's honestly so many more favourites parts and favourite movies that I love but thought I would narrow down my top 10 and share them with you. 

What are your favourite movies? 


  1. Oh i have watched some of it.
    Mean girls is my all time fave!

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  2. Mean girls! 'I want my pink shirt back!'. :D xx

  3. All of these are such good picks! Heath Ledger in 10 things is my all time favourite!


  4. Oh I love movies too and the ones you showed here are so good. Parent trap is such a lovely movie and The Princess diaries is also really nice. Great post.


  5. This post makes me SO happy. I loved Heath ledger, such an awesome post. Plus mean girls and parent trap are two of my all time faves... love those :)


  6. Great post, I like most of these too! :)


  7. I have seen and love all these movies. This post definitely gives me the feels as most of these films I grew up with. Great post.

    Beth x

  8. I can why you got sick of Mean Girls, I bet you can quote the whole movie now watching it that many times aha! Some parts of it are never going to get old though, like the but you included here.

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  9. great movies moments ! :)
    please follow me :) THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  10. So many of these films are classic! Love Mean Girls especially, such a quotable film. Both in high school and at uni, whenever anyone gives out candy canes at christmas someone without a doubt always would say 'Four for you Glen Coco- you go Glen Coco' haha


  11. All of these moments!! I love the Princess Diaries, I watched it again recently and it is still as good as my 12 year old self thought it was ahah


  12. Love this post!! <3 I love the first one 10 things I hate about you is amazing!! :)
    Chloe xx

  13. these would be my favourite movies also!! great post :) x


  14. They are all my favorite!! :) xx


  15. Loved the end song on Pitch Perfect x loved this post!



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