Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Top 3 ways to make you feel better.

Recently I did a post on tips I thought that would help with stress. In this post I wanted to share with you my personal top 3 favourite ways that help me feel a little bit better when I'm not feeling so great.

- Taking yourself away from the situation
If it's possible I find giving yourself a break from the situation helps a lot, Sometimes If work gets a bit over whelming I'll go and have a break or if it's something that has happened else where I'll make myself do something else for a little while to try and take my mind of what ever might have happened.

- Looking up at the sky/Breathing techniques
Something as simple as looking up at the sky. I find that this helps me put myself in a new frame of mind, once I'm looking at the sky I begin to think there's a whole lot more out there to focus on and the things I'm worrying about suddenly seem so small on this earth that's so big.
Taking a deep breath and using breathing techniques is great for calming yourself down when you are feeling stressed or over whelmed,

- Choosing your own emotions that you feel is a better way to cope with what's going on
By this I mean sometimes you might find it easier to laugh about it or you may choose to cry about it. Sometimes I think we're afraid of showing how we really feel and believe me there has been times when I've wanted to cry over some things that have happened. But it's perfectly okay not to be okay, nothing is wrong with crying if you feel like you want to. In some ways crying really helps!

So there's a quick post for ya! These are just things that help me a little bit when I'm not feeling the best. What do you do to help yourself feel better?

Friday, 24 April 2015

What are your future plans?

I don't know about you but I really do not like these sort of questions. When it comes to career's and aspirations I've always been a bit unsure of what I wanted to do and honestly I have pretty much gone with the 'flow' in life and I just usually see where life takes me. Being 22 and not fully knowing what I still want to end up doing as a career may seem a bit strange to any one who is reading this but for me I have never been a 'plan ahead' kind of person. I've gone from jobs working in child care, to studying music in college, to working in a bakery shop. For me I love to be open to lots of different options when it comes to jobs, I like trying new things and I like to see what I do better at and to see what I'm more interested in. I know some times it doesn't look great if you have many different jobs but it's not like I stay there for a couple months and then jump to another one, I stay there for a good amount of time.
 Of course I have so many hobbies and eventually I would love to end up doing something In media, I've recently narrowed that down and realise that media is something I've always been interested in and it's defintely something I would like to look into more. Sometimes I do wish that I had one particular thing that I would like to do because it would be so much easier to chase that dream but for me there's so many things that I would like to have a go at and that I can never decide on just one thing. But then again maybe life is more interesting if you just see where life takes you. Maybe I'll end up doing something that I would never have expected myself to end up doing?
I think I'm such a 'free' type of person and I try not to get stressed about career plans and things like that. Of course I'm not just going to settle for anything, I'll try my best to make sure that I end up doing something that I'm passionate about and that I love. One of the main things that I reply with when someone asks me what my future plans are is going travelling. I can say right now that's always been something I've focussed on and that's something that I would love to continue doing because for me this world is too big to stay in one place all the time. I love exploring and adventuring out into different places and If I ended up in a job that involved travelling I'd be incredibly happy. So If you haven't figured out what you want to do in life just yet, don't worry! You have plenty of time to figure that out.
Are you the type of person that knows what they want to do? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear (:

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Boots Haul!

Hey all! 
I am currently in the process of updating and replacing Items in my make up bag. It's all getting a bit old and tatty now and most of my make up that I have are running out and it felt like time to go and purchase a whole new bunch of stuff! So a shopping trip to Boots was a must and along the way I picked up a few other products that I wasn't intentionally getting but just thought they would be nice to add to my collection.

You may notice that I went on a little 'Simple' shopping spree. There was one particular product that I was very interested in getting because I had heard many great things about it and that was the 'eye make up remover, after hearing great reviews about Simple make up remover products I wanted to pick one up myself. I'm very bad at remembering prices but I'm pretty sure these were all under £5 and mostly around £3 or so, so very affordable! 

I then noticed the 'Simple eye balm' my eyes get tired a lot of the time and when they're tired they tend to get dry and some times a little itchy and irritable so I saw this and it's meant to just hydrate your eyes and make them feel that little bit more awake.

I needed to get some new face wipes so seeing as I was having a look through the Simple section I thought I would grab those. 

I have a new found love for Soap & Glory. I purchased this spray quite a long while ago and then ran out and just have been meaning to get some more. I really do recommend this if your looking for a new spray, It has a perfect spring/summer scent to it. 

I've been eyeing up this Barry M eye shadow pallet for quite some time so finally picked it up, the colours are beautiful and I actually think this is something you can wear all year round with all seasons especially for autumn with it's darker shades! I also love Barry M products a lot! 

Collection - Water proof eye liner
I've been using this eye liner for a long time and I wanted to try and start wearing water proof make up again, I haven't worn it in a long while because the last time I wore water proof make up my eyes didn't react well to it but I wanted to be brave and try it again and see if anything has changed because after all water proof make up is so much better than non water proof eh?

I think this blush/highlighter set is just beautiful, I had also seen this on other people's reviews and loved what I saw so felt like I needed to go and get one myself. 

I wanted to get a new make up bag and I wanted to get one which wasn't as big as my last one. For me this is a perfect size, not too big but not too small and I absolutely love pink and black together. £10 for this wasn't too bad at all! 

I have yet to get a few other products for my make up bag to feel 'complete' but I'm excited to try out every thing that I've got so far. 
Have you tried any of the products that I bought? I would love to know what you think of them if you have. 

I also went to a few cloth shops and came back with some clothing Items which I am in love with! So keep an eye out for a clothing haul soon! Hope your having a good week.

Monday, 20 April 2015

My bag essentials

There's always certain things that people keep in their bags and so I thought I would share with you what I keep in mine. Usually I use different bags depending on what I'm doing, a lot of the time I use my tiny shoulder bag that doesn't keep many things in so often I'll keep my 'must haves' limited like I'll keep my phone, my purse and that's pretty much it. But If I use one of my bigger bags that's when I can obviously keep a few more other essentials in there.

I love to keep some sort of perfume or spray especially in the summer when it gets hot and sticky and no body wants to be smelling of sweat!

I then sometimes like to keep a snack of some sort because you never know when you could get hungry and it's always a good idea to have a little something you could munch on in your bag. Cereal bars are always handy because they're not too filling and they're not hugly unhealthy.

I always like to keep a few lip products with me I can often get quite dry lips so it's always nice for me to carry around something I can quickly and easily apply like those baby lip balms which I just love!

I'm pretty boring when it comes to my hair and I most of the time have it up in a bun or a pony tail because for me that is the quickest way of doing it. So I keep a few hair ties and hair grips with me in case I need to re do my hair.

I don't know about you but I find it rather boring when I'm walking on my own so it's a perfect time to listen to my favourite songs and makes journey's a bit more interesting.

I usually like to keep some wipes in my bags too (Even though they aren't included in the picture) but It's always so handy to have some on you!

And that's pretty much my bag essentials! What do you like to keep with you?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Those not so good days!

Today has been an endless day of things going wrong. Not in the sense of 'wrong' as such but definitely nothing was going the way I wanted it to. You know those days when things just happen over and over again and you just sort of feel like screaming 'WHY ME?' Funny thing is I was talking to a work colleague the other day and they were telling me about their awful day of everything wrong that happened to them and they said "I don't know whether to laugh or cry about it!" I honestly think the best way to deal with these kind of things is to laugh about it. Especially in my situation. I always seem to have those random days where I do nothing but embarrass myself y'know like I'll trip over every hour or I'll just say something really stupid and I used to beat myself up about it all the time and it would actually get me quite down because at the end of the day I just felt pretty stupid about myself. But I wanted to put myself in a new frame of mind and instead of beating myself up about it all I'd just laugh it off, sometimes it's quite funny because I do actually catch myself in moments when I'll be doing something and then I'll be smiling at how embarrassed I was. The embarrassing thing about that though is sometimes other people catch me smiling to myself and they look at me really oddly. But also it's perfectly fine if you want to cry about it too there's nothing wrong with crying over a bad day in fact sometimes crying about things lets you sort of 'move on' from it and it helps you let your emotions out which is always healthy.
Anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is that if your someone like me who always finds away to embarrass themselves or make a fool out of themselves don't spend your time over thinking about what people were thinking in that moment of time and don't spend your time just over thinking about that moment in general. Shrug your shoulders, laugh it off and just let it go. And as to those days when nothing feels like it's going right that's just just part of life and everyone has those days, we all have good and bad days but just try and push through those bad days/times and keep going.

I hope you've had a better day than me if not then feel free to have a 'let it out' session down in the comments xxx

Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Spring Make Up Collection

I've had quite a lot of free time on my hands lately so it's perfect timing to get some blog posts up! 

The fun thing about make up and new seasons is that you get to play around with different colours and different looks. For me I absolutely love the pinks and the light shades for spring and summer, there's so many cute pink shades around at the moment. These are what I have been using so far this spring.

Rimmel BB Cream Very light shade 
Sometimes I like to put this on instead of foundation I feel like it's not as heavy as foundation can feel. And espcially in the summer you don't always want something thick and heavy on your skin but you still want something to make your skin have that extra glow. I do also use this as well as foundation though at times, It definitely helps your make up stay in place for the rest of the day.

Lip Colour
This is one of my favourite colours of lip products that I've got, it's not too in your face but it just has enough of a tint to your lips to make it noticeable.

Lip lustre Seventeen 
Personally I don't find this lip gloss amazing but it's something that I'm just using up, again there's not a lot of colour to it but it does give your lips a nice shine. It's a decent product don't get me wrong but there's others that I much prefer.

Bonjour Blush
This is something that has lasted me a good amount of time! I think it's such a pretty colour with it's like pink shade and a touch of gold shimmer it's perfect for spring.

Colour 24hr tattoo Maybe line New York creamy eye shadow 
I really like the creamy eye shadows and this is a really pretty pink shade again perfect for this time of year.

Collection Eye liner
I've mentioned this product so many times haha but definitely one of my favourite make up products that I've ever used. I'm not perfect at eye liner but I feel like this is pretty easy to apply and it's a great one to start of with if your a beginner in liquid eye liner.

I also want to start uploading more video's to my YouTube so I've recently just uploaded one for the first time in ages so If you fancy checking it out I'll leave you a link below and feel free to go and take a look.


Saturday, 11 April 2015

What's on my playlist?

I am currently sat on my bed at 11pm on my laptop with my headphones in and my favourite songs on full blast. So I thought why not share with you my favourite artists right now and music that I have been obsessed with! I've never been the one to like what every body else likes, or only likes the songs in the charts. I love discovering new artists and new songs. I also love listening to albums and songs that I used to listen to when I was younger and yes I do still have S club 7 on my I pod. I always just tend to listen to songs that make me happy or that I can relate to, I couldn't care less if they are popular or in 'trend'. 

Kelly Clarkson
Always have loved Kelly's music, I think she's such a real genuine person and she's so talented. 

McFly/McBusted/Busted love all and each! Have always adored McFly and busted and absolutely love them together. 

Taylor Swift 
Most played songs on my itunes, I just love this lady a lot! Defintely a big inspiration of mine and just really adore her. 

The Veronica's 
I was so happy when they brought out a new album because I loved their last one.

Britney Spears/The Back Street Boys
Honestly I have only really just started listening to these artists a lot! I've actually sort of grown up listening to them because my sister loves them both and have always liked their music. But it's only lately that I've been playing their songs a lot and have been loving them. 

James Bay
Defintietely my new celebrity crush! He's gorgeous and extremely talented. His style of music reminds me of Ed Sheeran a little bit but they're totally different at the same time. 

The Vamps
I love the fact that they're not the 'typical' boy band, they have their own style and I find their songs super catchy. Also great live! 

C'mon who doesn't love them? Even before the whole McBusted thing I still listened to their songs constantly, bring back so many great memories, makes me feel like a kid again.

Who do you love at the moment? Hope your having a great weekend in the sunshine! :)

Healthy green smoothie!

Smoothies are always a great way to stay healthy. We recently purchased one of these nutri bullets, I experimented with Los of different smoothies some of which were nice and others not so much. But recently I have found my favourite smoothie recipe after chucking in different fruits and veg so thought I would share this easy recipe with you. 

All you need is 
A few strawberries 
1 banana 
1 kiwi fruit
A handful of salad leaves 
1 carrot 
1 orange 

And then of course you just add the water or fruit juice but if you have a nutri bullet you know how it goes. 
I also love to put some ice in mine to make it extra Cooler. Don't let the green colour put you off because for me personally I find it very tasty! (: 


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sunny Brighton.

I've just come home from a lovely couple days spent in Brighton. I love Brighton, this was only my second time there but there's just something about Brighton that makes it special. I feel like that's a place where you can completely have your own style and be yourself and no one will really care. It feels like such a welcoming place full of cute shops, little café's and definitely has some quirkiness to the city. We stayed in a lovely small hotel down at the sea front and so close to the shops.

We only really technically spent a whole day there so for most of that day we spent looking around the shops and walking along the sea front. It was such gorgeous weather. 

We had dinner at a cute little Italian place which I have forgotten the name of but it's been voted one of the best places to eat in Brighton. And let me tell you this the pizza was to die for! It's not like the ordinary pizza you get from a super market or like domino's it's proper Italian pizza. 

Trouble is they were so big and I couldn't eat it all, but I really wanted to! 

The Keys were even unique! 

Each morning we were also given some breakfast in a basket. 

We also took a stroll arond the lanes, and they had a lot of cute litle cake shops. 

And then of course we had to visit Choccywoccydoodah (Hope I spelt that right!) Everything looked amazing in there, the people who create those cakes are so talented! 

Brighton is a really lovely place and there's so much to do. I would love to go for longer next time!
What have you been up to lately? 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Fangirl moments.

I was debating whether to write a post about what happened on this blog but I think I'll show you some of my more 'fangirling' side maybe? I don't know if you know this but I am a Huge McFly/Busted/Mcbusted fan and something pretty amazing happened to me yesterday. So it all started when they announced they were going on tour again and of course I had to go and buy myself some tickets for two dates in fact! There's never been a tour of those guys that I haven't missed and I don't plan on missing them ever unless I absolutely have to. I've honestly lost count at how many times I've seen McFly themselves, McFly have been a huge part of my life since I was 11 and I am now 22 years old. I feel like they have been a band that I have grown up with and they have actually got me through some really low times, and without fail they always put a smile on my face especially when I need it. Busted were also a band that I absolutely loved! I used to have the biggest crush on James, and I just loved the whole band in general. Before McBusted joined together I would still listen to Busted all the time. Yes I miss McFly a lot! But I just absolutely love McBusted as a whole group too, I love how much fun they have on stage and how much they connect with their fans you can just tell that they love doing what they do.
Okay so a few months passed and the day arrived when I got to meet them. I had a mixture of nervous and excitment knowing what was going to happen. We left my home town to travel to Brighton where we are staying for a couple of days (still here now!)
I arrived at the venue which I've never been to before, I was on my own standing in a queue amongst other fans, I figured I was proabbly one of the oldest there (even though I may not look it haha!) We waited about half an hour or so until we were taken to the meeting room. It was a pretty small room and I'd say maybe about 50 fans were there? Maybe a bit less. This is when the nerves kicked in, I had no idea why I was so nervous meeting my favourite band! I felt so anxious waiting in a queue on my own with people that I don't know and knowing that I was going to be face to face with my favourite band It all sort of felt just a bit too overwhelming. I felt silly being so nervous, but as the queue got shorter and shorter I just became more excited. I figured it was the whole 'waiting game' that made me so anxious. I'm also not great in big social crowds as such! The line grew shorter and I was soon to meet them.
The time came and they were all stood in a line ready to greet me with smiles and hugs. I can't quite remember what I said, I do rememeber telling Tom that I was a bit nervous and he was like "Don't be nervous!" And he was right I really shouldn't have been! I remember James being pretty crazy and asked Harry about his recently injured hand! But they were all so lovely and friendly I soon didn't feel nervous and wish I actually had longer because there's so much I wanted to tell them. But it was over before I knew it we all took a group photo and then it was time to say good bye. It was all just so over whelming but so amazing at the same time. I hope that if I ever get the chance to meet them again I won't let amxiousness get the better of me. I want them to know how much they have helped me through so many low times, they always cheer me up and without fail put a smile on my face. I will always be thank ful for that and I have a lot of respect for them,

Pretty bad photo of me but loving James and Harry's expressions in this! ha.

And then the show in itself was incredible! Nothing beats being in the what they call 'OMFG' zone which is a seperate bit right infront of the stage. I've been pretty close before but this time I was even closer. I had so much fun and would do anything to re live that night. 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Favourite Accessories

I buy way too many accessories yes I go a bit mad for them! Here are some of my favourites that I thought I would share with you. 

Bracelet on the left - Accessories

Bracelet on the right - John Lewis

Both Bracelets - H&M
Perfect to wear in the summer especially at festivals and different shows with the bright colours and 'hippy' style they have.

Both Bracelets from Accessories

Flower Statement Necklace - H&M

Disco Ball Necklace - New Look

Bow Necklace - H&M

Triangle Shaped Necklace - H&M

Sunglasses - Marks & Spencers 

Watch - Marks & Spencers 

Elephant Necklace - Accessories 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Every day make up

When It comes to me and make up I tend to often stick with the same look and use the same make up products that I know well and fully familiar and comfortable with. I would absolutely love to experiment with lots of other products, colours and just make up in general but having a job that doesn't allow you to wear a lot makes it a little tricky to do so and really I don't have the time to play around with different looks! Hopefully some time In the future I can concentrate on that area more but honestly I'm no make up expert and definitely no make up 'guru'. But I thought I would show you my every day make up look which literally takes me about 15 or so minutes to do, so very quick and easy!

I've probably mentioned quite a few of these products quite a bit in previous posts but some of these are my all time favourite make up products. 

Too Faced Eye Shadow Pallet
This has lasted me for what must be over a year or so now, It's been one of my favourite pallets that I've ever used. The colours are so beautiful and one of the darker colours I actually use to fill in my eye brows! You can do so many looks with this pallet, I tend to stick with the pale colours as that's nice and simple for work. 

Collection Eye Liner 
I love 'Collection' a lot, I just find it does really great products and ones that I buy over and over again. This also lasts a very long time considering that it's a tiny pot and that I use it pretty much every day. 

Collection Concealer 
This is another favourite of mine and also something that I have used many times, it's so affordable and just perfect for the dark circles that I get under my eyes. 

Rimmel BB Cream 
I've only recently purchased this BB Cream, but before this I had honestly never used BB cream befor, I heard so many people go on about it so wanted to try it out myself and I am actually really pleased with it. Again it's affordable, not too expensive but worth having. And what's also nice is that sometimes I'll just put this on instead of foundation, it doesn't feel as 'heavy' as foundation may feel. 

Rimmel Blusher 
I find that this is such a pretty colour and brings a perfect tint to my pale cheeks. 

Collection Eye Shadow Pallet 
Having loved Items that I recently got from Collection I thought I would go and ahead and try something else, It's a really cute pallet with pretty pink/purply colours which are definitely perfect for the spring/summer season! 

Instant Glow Bronzer 
This is something I've had for a long time! But something I use every day, I'm pretty sure that I bought this a couple of years ago and it's still lasted me well so I'm not sure if it's actually still around. 

Benefit Eye brow filler 
Once I've filled in my eye brows with the eye shadow I'll just put a bit of this on top to sharpen and neaten up my eye brows. 

Rimmel Match Foundation
Love, love, love this product! Has to be my favourite foundation, this is definitely something that I've mentioned before in previous posts but I'm sure you all have read about it somewhere considering how popular it is. But I find it's such a perfect colour for my skin. 

So that's pretty much all the make up that I use, I really recommend any of these Items! Usually I'll start of by putting the BB cream lightly on my face, once that's all rubbed in I'll put some concealer on to cover up those not so great dark circles! I'll then use my foundation, put a bit of bronzer and blusher on to give my cheeks a nice glow. Then I'll go ahead and fill my eyebrows in. I naturally have very fare eye brows and sometimes It'll look like I have no eye brows at all haha! So I find it really useful for me to fill them in, and definitely frames my face a bit more. With eye shadows I usually first put on a highlighter for the base and then use a lighter colour on top. I also have quite small eyes so I always find that using light eye shadow brightens them up just that little bit more and then I'll add some eye liner on my eye lids. And then for under my eyes I actually use just eye shadow as it's not so harsh and gives it a more 'softer' look. And then I'll apply a bit of lip gloss or lip balm!

And that's it! Is there any make up you recommend that I try? I'm always open to experimenting with different products when I can. 


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