Monday, 21 September 2015

In love with Italy part 2

Look at me turning all Italian eh? haha. Sadly my holiday is coming to an end they always go
horribly quick and you can't help but count down those last couple of days and keep your self reminding that you don't want to go back home. Italy has definitely made a name for itself in my books and I'm sure I'll be visiting again some day. I recently did a post about Sorrento which you can read HERE if you fancy doing so.

'Bari' is the name of the little town that we are in' nope we aren't in Whales but it's located in a place full of country side. I love the country side and being in a town because they're both so different. country sides are a perfect place for relaxation and a calming atmosphere. I feel like if you are looking for a place to get away somewhere quiet, peaceful and stress free this is definitely one of those places.

We're staying in a lovely little 'trulli' which is a particular style of house made with cone topped roofs. It's quite small but a decent enough size! It's cutely decorated, not much colour mostly has a 'white' theme going on. But the thing that amazed me most is the outside space. I have never been in a property with so much land. Firstly it has it's own outdoor concrete space with it's tables and chairs. Then you have the pool area, with the sunbeds. Then as you walk down the path towards the drive way which is pretty much a wooded area. THEN you look over to your right and you have this big field filled with fruit trees, plants and picture perfect scenery (which If you follow me on Istagram you would have figured by all the holiday pictures!) IG 'Thingsworthcapturing' There's also an area where the chickens and rabbit stay so I made friends with the rabbit although found the chickens a little bit scary because they seemed to like pecking my legs and chasing me.

About a 10 minute drive away is a small town called 'Alberbello' which in itself is a pretty great name! It's a unique town made up of a few restaurants, trilleh shops, pretty streets and ice cream cafe's (Which I have to say are the nicest Ice creams I have ever tasted)

Travelling is something and will always be something I love to do and I hope someday I can do a lot more of it! 
Hope your all having a good week.
Until next time... 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

In love with Italy

I am currently In Italy having a lovely time. At this moment I'm staying in a place called 'Alberobello' which is located in a cute little place in the country side. Last week though my parents and I stayed in Sorrento for a week. Having this been my first time in Italy I can safely say that I would love to go back. Sorrento itself is actually quite a small place and you could probably explore the whole town in a day or so. But we spent a few days taking coach/bus trips to different towns near and far by and it's so nice to adventure out into the towns around the cliff sides.

In the main square of Sorrento there's plenty of restaurants and little cafe's to choose from, but there's also a lot of restaurants hidden away down the narrow pathways that also have small shops at each side. I'll tell you one thing though if you are on a Carb diet Italy may not be the place for you if you are easily tempted! Like myself Italy loves their Carbs with things like pizza, pasta, bread and all that. I admit at home I probably eat more Carbs than I should (I can't help it they're too tasty!) but I actually feel a little 'carbd' out haha!

^ The main shopping street right off the square, great for cloth shopping

The apartment we stayed in has probably been one of my favourite places that I've stayed in. With it's white walls and windows that fill the room with light to it's unique decore and great views from the balcony, what more could you ask for? The balcony was perfect to watch the sun go down (sunsets are one of my favourite things) and there was also an amazing fire work display on the last night that seemed to go on forever, but it was all very pretty!

We also went to take a look round the market which mostly sold clothes and shoes but also a few bits of food.

I had a lot of fun rummaging around the beauty section, surprisingly I didn't actually buy anything!

Vesuvius the volcano was very much in site from the balcony. Volcano's in general are one of those things that just sort of amaze me so it was a pretty cool experience to walk (half way) around the top. We also walked about 20 mins to the actual top too which was very steep but not as bad as I thought it would be! Definitely something to add to your 'to do' list if you ever stop by near Pompeii in Italy. Also about half an hour jounrey from Sorrento (on the train) 

Here's a few more photo's from the trip so far.

Sad to be going home soon, I love having time away from everything and just being able to relax as much as you want. Keep an eye out for an 'Alberello' post coming up soon! Hope your all having a great week. For more regular updates on holidays and other general photo's feel free to follow my Instagram 'Thingsworthcapturing'
Until next time!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Holiday Essentials!

I guess you could say Summer is pretty much over, with schools and colleges going back the Autumn term begins and the trees changing their colours. But for me? I'm still holding on to two more weeks of sunshine and beach days In Italy where I'll be flying to tomorrow *screeches with excitement* So I figured it would be perfect to show you the things I'll be taking away with me.

Everything here is going in my hand luggage can just about fit it all in one bag! I've got my two toiletry bags, one is for my basic beauty products and then the bigger one is just for the extra toiletry things you usually bring with you when you go away. I then prefer carrying a small bag around with me especially when I'm on long days out and exploring places I'd rather not carry around a huge bag on my shoulders. This cute black and studded bag is perfect for carrying the main every day essentials.
I'm currently reading 'Fangirl' although I've started reading it but have stopped myself so I can save the rest for while I'm away haha! I'm sure I'll find a lot of time to relax and do a bit of colouring in my new colouring book, takes me back to my younger days! I'm really excited to take away my DSLR with me it'll be fun to play around in a new change of scenery! I also bought myself a disposable camera as you may have read in my last post (also takes me back to my childhood)
Then of course gotta take the Ipod, phone and sunnies!

Toiletry Bag 
S&G hand gel (Smells amazing!) 
Travel sized tangle teaser 
Brilliant Brunette Shampoo 
Travel Sized Dry Shampoo 
Protect & Shine hair spray 
Dove Deodorant Pomegranate
Threw the eye shadow in there because it's a little too big for the smaller bag! 

Nail Polish remover 
Baby Lips 
Lasting Perfection Collection concealer 
Revlon lip stick 
Lip balm (apple package) 
Instead of foundation I decided to take some BB cream instead because it's much lighter on your skin. 

Hope your all having a good week! There may not be any blog posts for two weeks or so because I'd like to stay away from the internet as much as I can (watch that fail) haha but I just wanted to focus on the holiday and try and take myself away from everything for a little while and just have a nice long break. May do a few update posts while I'm there, we'll see! 
But until next time, I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I went 'holiday' shopping!

I had planned to do a little bit of last minute 'holiday' shopping because I needed to get a few more bits before I go away at the weekend. Having said that I ended up coming home with a little bit more than I had planned to come home with and to be honest a lot of it isn't very 'holidayish' but thought it would be a perfect excuse to show you what I had got right?

Home Sense
I can actually see my own future home being mostly of things made up from Home Sense. I just love how pretty much everything is 'one of a kind' and I always have a lot of fun exploring in there. I didn't really need another toilet bag but I really loved the patterns and the colours and it also comes with two other bags. I also noticed this Cupcake tin which was super cute though I think it'll be something I'll use in my bed room rather than the kitchen.


I was hoping to find a few more summer pieces in H&M but think I'm a little bit too late! But instead I found these cosy jumpers. 

These shoes really stood out to me, they're a lot different to what I would usually go for but there's something about them that really caught my eye. They're sort of that plasticy material but actually a lot more comfier than I expected.


When I was younger I remember getting really excited about going holiday shopping because my mum had always promised to get me a disposable camera. With everything being so technical and digital now these sort of things are slowly being forgotten about. But I wanted to start using them more again and thought holiday would be a perfect place to start. I always used to get excited seeing how the photo's had turned out (most of which didn't turn out so well) but I love the idea of having actual photographs that you can keep in albums.
I also needed to get my beloved concealer from Collection. I then picked up this eye brow kit also from Collection which I've been hearing a few things about (:

Colouring books seem to be a bit of a thing right now and these were one of my favourite thing as a child. I picked these two up, I didn't realise how much choice you could get I spent a little while deciding between a few haha. 

It also has quotes on each page which is a unique thing about this one, definitely gives a little more inspiration while your colouring.

Hope your all having a good week, I'm back to work soon after having 4 days off. But I'll be going on holiday on Monday so it's all good! 
Till next time...

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