Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bedroom Tour

In a previous post I mentioned that I was in the process of giving my room a make over. It's all finished for now and I'm really happy with the outcome and thought I would share it with you. Before I started working on it I had a picture of how I wanted it to look in my head and that idea stuck with me throughout the time of decorating it. I wanted it to be a bit more girlie and fun but more mature at the same time.

So I've had my bed for quite a long time now and the whole thing is just so comfy! I absolutely love my duvet with it's bright colours and floral prints and It just brightens up my whole room. I'm not too sure where I got the duvet from but If I end up remembering I'll add it into the post. 

A while back I found this sign which I think was from John Lewis which has "You can't buy happiness but you can buy cupcakes and that's the same kind of thing" written on it and I thought that was really sweet, and I love cupcakes so I couldn't really not buy it! 

One of my newest purchases is the lit up heart from Amazon which I decided to hang beneath the Paris picture and it has become one of my top favourite things that I have in my room. The size of it is perfect, not to big but not too small and just generally fits in my room really nicely. If your thinking of buying things for your room I actually recommend looking through Amazon because I've seen some really cute quirky items on there if your into that kind of thing.

Then below that you can see my little collection of Ukulele's and guitars haha. Although I do need to buy myself some more Ukulele stands! 

The picture behind the guitars I originally had up on the wall but once I bought myself a new picture I took this one down. I didn't want to get rid of it though because I liked it too much so just put it wherever there was space for it. 
The light next to it which is sort of paper material I've had for quite a few years now and I think it might have been from John Lewis although I'm not %100 sure!

These draws are actually a little bit bigger than they seem in this picture for some reason they look pretty small here. But I love these draws a lot! These were from IKEA and I'm not too sure on the exact price but It was possibly between £400-500 or may have been under so pretty pricey but I was willing to pay that much for my ideal draws that I've always wanted. 
I think the type of draws you choose for your room generally makes a big difference to how your room ends up looking.

I won't go into too much detail about where everything on top of the draws is from as that's already mentioned in my previous posts. 
I then just added another touch to it by hanging those hearts onto the handles which are also from Ikea. The heart below the two black ones was actually a Christmas Tree decoration but thought it would go nicely with the draws instead. 

The 'Sleep' sign was a gift so I don't know where that was from but the clock was from John Lewis.
The fairy lights on top of the draws were also from John lewis.

The pretty pink flowers were from Home sense, they're not actually real but I still think they give a nice feminine feel to my room. The mug is just a gift which someone gave to me. And then I just keep my perfumes there too.
The lamp is from Ikea, originally it had a different base which unfortunately broke but then found this base from Home Sense. 

This mirror is also one of my favourite pieces from the room which is from John Lewis. I then just wrapped some fairy lights around the mirror and the picture on the wall and these lights were also from Amazon. 
The picture of the dress was from Ikea.
Those black and red draws/cupboards are also from Ikea although I've never really been too keen on them but they fit quite a lot of things inside which was what I needed and might end up painting them a different colour.
I then just have my Ipod speakers, nail polish stand and a box which I just keep things in on top of my piano.
The little white box below my piano is from Ikea too! I think basically most of my room is from that shop haha! It's a great shop for bed rooms though! 

This chair isn't just a chair It's also a bed! I mean it's not the most comfiest of beds but it's decent enough if you've got someone staying over. It's actually a black chair but I decided to throw this light brown blanket over it which makes it go with the rest of my room better. I think both of the  'love' cushions were from John Lewis and the Turquoise/fluffy one was something I got a long time ago so can't quite remember where that's from. 

And then lastly I just hang all my bags on my door.

Sorry this post ended up being pretty long! Although I'm really pleased with how my room has turned out I've spent quite a long time putting all the finishing touches and adding bits and bobs to it. 
But anyway, hope you like it! Let me know what you think? :)

Monday, 28 July 2014

My Morning Routine

I've spent most of the day editing My Morning Routine video and have just uploaded it to my youtube channel. Take a look if ya like :)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

July Favourites!

As it's coming towards the end of July already July has got to be one of the quickest months of the year so far for me, It's just flown by! I thought I would do a small July Favourites for you...

Beauty -

I don't have a lot of "new" favourites from July and I don't want to keep writing about the same prdoducts over and over. But these two are some things that I have been loving! First of is the 'Lip Lustre' lip gloss which I have done a small review in a previous blog post about it. I bought it a couple weeks ago and have been using it most days. This is definitely something you could use if you want to go for the more natural look.

Please excuse the messy cover haha! Now I never use powder but recently it's been something that I have preferred using over foundation. Especially in the summer where I try to not use a lot of Make up on my face I tend to want to keep it as natural looking as I can in this hot/sweaty weather. I absolutely love the Brand 'Collection' and I actually got this powder quite a long time ago but suddenly only just starting to use it but it's definitely something I recommend to use if your looking for a good powder!


This month I have been listening to Ingrid Michaelson a lot! I only discovered her this month but she has such a beautiful, calming voice. 
I have also been loving The 1975 lately!
I honestly listen to Taylor Swift a LOT haha, but Speak Now is an album that I just really love and has got to be my favourite one of Taylor's so I find that on repeat quite a bit! :)


Tv Show

I have recently become a little obsessed with Catfish, ever since I found out about it a couple months ago I have been hooked. I 
find it's just such an interesting and eye opening show and I always like to see how the stories end up. 

Not many 'new' favourites this month, but these are things that I have been loving! What have you been loving this month? Hope you had a great weekend!

Nashville - The City Of Music


About two summers back in 2012 we went to Nashville. My parents weren't actually too keen on going there but me and my brother are massive music fans and we practically begged them until they gave in haha! Of course I'm so utterly grateful that they decided to take us there even when they weren't desperate to go. We where going to other places In America which they wanted to go to so it was equal. We only spent 3 days there but 3 days is better than 0 days.
We took our flight from Gatwick and had to change planes once we arrived in Chicago, I was actually a little gutted because Chicago is a place where I also really want to visit. We were there for about 3 hours and we couldn't go out of the airport so we had to see a glimpse of what Chicago looked like sitting from inside the airport. It was then time to board the plane to Nashville, It was a tiny plane I had never been on a plane that small before and I was feeling pretty anxious about it but it wasn't so bad once I got used to it and the flight wasn't that long anyway. It was a clear, sunny day with no clouds in the sky and the funny thing is you can Immediately tell when your flying above Nashville because all you can see is a land of Green and tall bushy trees and of course houses! The plane turned on it's side a little bit as it was turning round, you know when it feels like your falling side ways I kinda love that haha! I looked out the window and was getting so excited about the fact that I was actually In Nashville! I'm trying to write this in as much detail as I can but being 2 years ago It's hard to remember EVERY single detail.
We arrived early evening/late afternoon. I remember that on our first evening we were all so incredibly tired, we had all been up for over 48 hours or something ridiculous like that so we could not wait to go to bed. We went out to eat at a diner on the first night before we arrived at the motel we were staying in. Our waitress was very interested In where we came from and was really friendly and chatty. That's one thing I noticed about Nashville is that everyone is so welcoming and friendly and they just generally want to chat to you. 
I honestly can't remember what events we did on the exact days so I'm just going to explain what we got up to while we were there without naming the days. 

Nashville is everything you imagine it to be and more. Music here, music there, music everywhere. Every bar you walk past has country music playing whether that's coming from a performer or just from the radio. Busy streets, people in cowboy hats, that's one thing about Nashville is that you know everybody there has something in common, their love for music. 
We walked around seeing what Nashville had to offer. I think I stopped in every one of those tourist shops! What I also love about Nashville is that in most shops and places you go they have Taylor Swift merch everywhere! 

The weather wasn't great the whole time we were there, it rained a lot. But Nashville still looked beautiful. 
One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Nashville was because there was a Taylor Swift exhibition on at the 'Music Hall of Fame' Museum and I was lucky enough to be able to go there. 
The whole museum is dedicated to music, there's records on the walls, outfits of what famous stars wore to show, musical instruments of what the artists have played. The whole museum is just one of the coolest museums I've ever been to. 
A lot of these pictures where taken from my phone so they're not the best of quality...

For the rest of the time we just explored the rest of the City, went to a number of restaurants and diners, visited the shopping centres, and just basically did what a normal tourist does when they go to another country.
All in all without this blog post getting too long If you ever get the opportunity to go, please take that opportunity and go! The whole atmosphere is incredible and the people are friendly and of course you can't forget the amazing Nashville accents! 
I really hope that at some point in my life I can go and visit this place again and spend longer time when I'm there.
Scroll down if you would like to see some more pictures...

We went to a cute little diner where they served us the ketchup like this! :)

^ A Pretty cool restaurant we went to have lunch in 


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Summer Playlist

I can't believe it's like mid summer already its' going to be over before we know it! But I thought I should show you what I've been listening to this summer and jot down my top 10 favourite songs right now for you. I have quite a random taste in music and things and some of these are old, some of these are new but this is just what I've been listening to a lot recently. I should also add that these aren't in any particular order.

Rude - Magic - 

Begin Again - Taylor Swift 

Ariana Grande - Problem

Drowning - The Backstreet Boys 

A thing about you - Hunter Hayes

Mr Bright side - The Killers 

She's so lovely - Scouting for girls 

Five colours in her hair - McFly 

Don't stop - 5Sos 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Begin Again - Review

Earlier on today I went to see 'Begin Again' as soon as I saw the trailer on the TV the first time I wanted to see it straight away, it definitely looked like my kind of movie. I didn't actually realise that the same director for this film was the same as ONCE which could explain why It totally reminded me of ONCE the whole way through the film. ONCE is one of my favourite films.
The cast were amazing, so many familiar faces James Corden is one of my favourite people so it was nice to see him in there, Keira Knightley has also been another favourite actress of mine. And then there's Adam Levine who is oh so fine (see what I did there? ;) ) but the whole cast is great!
It's just my kind of movie funny, cheesy, romantic and musical! Musical movies are my favourite kind. And who knew Keira knightley could sing? I could see her having a little bit of a musical career soon coming from this movie. So if you haven't seen this yet I definitely recommend it, and If you have seen it what did you think of it?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Fairy lights take over!

A couple of days ago I ordered myself some more fairy lights from Amazon for my bedroom I love me some fairy lights! I mean, you can never have too many right? Anyway, they arrived today so I decided to hang them up in my bedroom. I knew before I got them where I wanted them so had no trouble deciding where to hang them up. This cute little heart I have put just above my bed, that wall was blank before so I needed something to put there to make it not look so plain. It's a nice size not too big but not to small If I remember rightly the exact size of the heart is 30cm (W) x 27cm (H). 

I love how the fairy lights look when they're out of focus!

These fairy lights have 40 bulbs which just managed to fit where I wanted them. They're small pure white bulbs and really brighten up my room but yet makes my room have a nice warm cosy feel to it. I think that's what fairy lights just generally do, they make somewhere seem more homely and calming. I also have another thing of fairy lights on top of my draws which I have uploaded a picture of in my previous posts. But anyway, I'm falling asleep while writing this post and trying so hard to keep my eyes open haha so I think it's time for me to go and get some sleep. Although It's still super hot and it's been hard getting to sleep at night from the heat but being as tired as I am right now I'll probably have no struggle tonight. 

This blog is also still quite new to me and I'm not too sure if anyone has seen it because I'm new, So I would love to know If you come across my blog leave a comment and come and say hi :)
I would also love to hear some tips of how to get my blog out there a little bit more if you have any. Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lip Lustre Lip gloss review

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet seeing as it's only one little product I'm talking about but I wanted to give a review on this 'Lip Lustre' lipgloss from Seventeen. Now I've heard people say that Seventeen is not the best of brands, you might dis agree or agree but I have used a few products from there and have been pretty pleased with them. I think a few of the first ever make up things that I bought was from 'Seventeen'.
But recently I wanted to try some new Lip glosses. I had the same one for a long time and although it was okay, it wasn't the best and really I just got bored of using the same one. I honestly haven't tried many Lip glosses as I tend to stick with lip crayons and natural coloured lipsticks but this summer I wanted to change it up a bit so I went with this.
So far I'm really happy with it, It's not a very bright colour but It's a really pretty natural colour. I sometimes use it on top of a natural coloured Lip crayon that I've got and it just gives it a really nice shine to it. It lasts well and feels really nice on your lips. It also actually tastes pretty nice if you by 'Accident' get it in your mouth haha. So all in all it's just a good lip gloss and the colour is a great colour to wear this summer.


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Confidence, Happiness & Courage

Confidence - For a long time I have been struggling with finding confidence whether that's confidence in my personality or being confident with my body. I can't remember a day where I haven't pointed out all my flaws to myself and to be honest I am my own biggest critique. I spend most of my time comparing myself to other people which is the WORST thing you can do It's so unhealthy and just doesn't do you any good. All I ever want is to find peace with myself and start liking who I am and being okay In my own skin, I hate that I always wish to be someone else because In reality I can never be anyone else but myself. If I'm honest I think I just care a bit too much about what other people think of me and I know you shouldn't but that's just always something I've done.

Happiness -For long periods of my life I haven't been totally happy either, there's always something going on in my mind and I tend to over think things and worry about things that I shouldn't worry about. Of course there's been times when I have been really happy but then I have a lot of days when I just feel completely lost. I once heard someone say "Happiness is a choice" I didn't agree with it at first but that's because I didn't even try to use that phrase in my life I just brushed past it. But then recently I've been trying to have a new frame of mind and focus on the positive things and every time I'm feeling down I say to myself "Happiness is a choice, I want to be happy today, I'm going to be happy!". Now, sometimes that's easier said than done but you've just gotta again put
yourself in a new frame of mind and once you succeed and your feeling happy, it feels great.

Courage -
Courage is something that I feel a lot of people find hard to have, we all have it but we just need to believe we have it and believe in ourselves. We always seem to doubt ourselves and think "ah I can't do that" and sometimes we don't even try. I think a lot of people are scared of failing but there's nothing to be ashamed of if you don't get it right, as long as you've tried then that's something to be happy about and the fact that at least you gave it a go after all "to fall is not to fail, you fail when you don't try". Courage is something really important to have and once you get the confidence to have it I feel that you and myself can do anything.

I hope that eventually one day I will find peace with myself and stop putting myself down it might take time but I can't spend my time wishing that I was someone else.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Beach fun, Sunsets and Angry seagulls.

Hey everyone!
Today me and my parents just got back from being away for a few days, it was a nice little getaway the town we stayed in was lovely and the weather was perfect. In fact the weather recently has been so hot and sunny! We stayed in a little cottage in a small town called "Rye" which is in Sussex. We explored the town and see what it had to offer. There's a couple of nice beaches that were near us so we took Kofi down on his first trip to the seaside, he wasn't too sure what to make of it at first it was all a bit different to him. We did a variate of things, climbed churches, climbed castles, explored the town and the shops and just went everywhere really. I'll post some pictures down below for you to see what we got up to. Over al the whole town was lovely, the only down side for me was the seagulls I just found them pretty irritating and me, my dad and my dog almost got attacked by an angry seagull who wasn't very fond of the dog!
I don't know about you, but one thing that'll always sort of fascinate me is the natural earth. One thing for sure, I just love to watch sunsets it's just always something that has amazed me and I could watch them every single day. The colours are so hypnotising and constantly changing which is something I find so interesting. On the last day me and my parents went to watch the sunset on the beach, we took Kofi down with us too and he just had the best time in the sand, seriously he got so excited he was digging and running around everywhere! Sometimes I wish we lived near a beach because it's so relaxing to be there. So we found our space and sat there until the sun went down. 

I've tried to make this post not so detailed about what we went up to because It may not be that interesting to you haha! But Incase you are intrested I'm in the middle of editing a vlog so I'll let you know when that's up!

But anyway, it was nice to get away for a little while and do something different. I just love exploring new places and seeing new things, travelling is one of my favourite things to do and something I hope to continue to do a lot more of.
Scroll down for more pictures :)

^ I don't actually know that couple but thought it was a cute picture :) <3

Beach selfie! 
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