Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Fairy lights take over!

A couple of days ago I ordered myself some more fairy lights from Amazon for my bedroom I love me some fairy lights! I mean, you can never have too many right? Anyway, they arrived today so I decided to hang them up in my bedroom. I knew before I got them where I wanted them so had no trouble deciding where to hang them up. This cute little heart I have put just above my bed, that wall was blank before so I needed something to put there to make it not look so plain. It's a nice size not too big but not to small If I remember rightly the exact size of the heart is 30cm (W) x 27cm (H). 

I love how the fairy lights look when they're out of focus!

These fairy lights have 40 bulbs which just managed to fit where I wanted them. They're small pure white bulbs and really brighten up my room but yet makes my room have a nice warm cosy feel to it. I think that's what fairy lights just generally do, they make somewhere seem more homely and calming. I also have another thing of fairy lights on top of my draws which I have uploaded a picture of in my previous posts. But anyway, I'm falling asleep while writing this post and trying so hard to keep my eyes open haha so I think it's time for me to go and get some sleep. Although It's still super hot and it's been hard getting to sleep at night from the heat but being as tired as I am right now I'll probably have no struggle tonight. 

This blog is also still quite new to me and I'm not too sure if anyone has seen it because I'm new, So I would love to know If you come across my blog leave a comment and come and say hi :)
I would also love to hear some tips of how to get my blog out there a little bit more if you have any. Thanks for reading! 


  1. Cool pictures! I have fairy lights wrapped around my bed frame and it really does look very pretty when they're on! I love it when they're out of focus too! Bokeh I think it is..not sure? They look really cool around your mirror! I've been very hot at night too! Abi :)

  2. ah, thank you! And it always feels like Christmas when you have fairy lights too haha. :D xxx


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