Saturday, 25 July 2015

Most used Items/Beauty Edition

I was going through my make up bag earlier and realised that my collection of beauty Items is definitely growing! Over the years I think I have developed a lot more love for make up. As a teenager I was never really into it, but definitely over the last couple of years it's something that I've become a lot more interested in. 
So there's a few things I actually rarely use and was considering doing a 'least used make up products' post though I thought a 'most used' would interest you guys more and maybe you'll be introduced to some new ones you'd like to try. 

My beloved 'Revolution' pallet is something I have been recently using every day, the colours are just so gorgeous. I absolutely love the 'natural' look on eyes and I think this is the perfect pallet if your going for a more natural look.
'Barry M' is one of my favourite brands. I hardly use dark shades on my eyes because I find that lighter colours just suit me better and makes me look more awake. Though I do use the other shades a lot and I recommend this if your into the more 'darker' shade look. I also use the pink shade as a blush which I'm not sure if it's actually meant to be a blush or not, but it definitely works well as one. 
This Benefit eye brow filler was something I was recommended by a while ago and have been loving it, it's a little pricer to what I usually spend but I think it's worth it. 
I've been using 'Collection' eye liner for years and haven't used anything else since then, although it's a small pot It lasts a long time. 
The 'Bourjois' Eye shadow pencil is a really pretty pink champagne colour, perfect for this time of year.
I also use this 'Real Technique' brush to apply the eye shadow. 

I've been using this 'Instant Glow' bronzer for years, and it's lasted me such a long time considering I use it most days. 
These 'Simple' products are something I really recommend if you know Simple works for you. The eye make up remover works really well and the skin foam cleanser leaves your skin feeling so soft and fresh. 
I've been using this foundation for a long time and it's the only one I've found that works with my annoyingly pale skin tone and I am loving the Rimmel BB cream!
I am a huge lover of the Collection concealers definitely my all time favourite.

I'm just going to leave you with a picture of my 'lip' favourites and you can take it from there because I feel like this post is pretty long and I don't want to make you fall asleep, haha!
Until next time... 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

These are a few of my favourite things...

It's been a little while since I've shared some favourites with you so here's what I have been loving lately. 

Revolution Eye Pallet
I've previously mentioned this before in a post but this product has turned out to be probably the best eye shadow pallet I've ever used. The colours are gorgeous and this is something I have been using pretty much every day since I purchased it. 

BB Cream
I'm still quite new with the whole 'BB cream' products so I firstly thought it would make sense to go for one that wasn't too expensive, I came across this Rimmel one a short while ago and have been loving it. Sometimes it's nice to go through days without having to wear any foundation or any make up at all and if you want to go for the more 'natural' just have something that doesn't feel to heavey on your skin I feel like this is perfect for that. 

*Stupidly forgets the name of this product!*
This was actually a very last minute buy, you know when your standing in a long queue and they have those boxes with fun little things inside them that you end up looking through out of bordem? I could not be more happy that I ended up buying this because If you have a dog or a pet with white fur you'll know how that fur gets literally EVERYWHERE. I'm thankful for whoever invented these because it now means that I don't have to go out with dog hair all over me! 

Instagram Favourites - 
I absolutely love the whole idea of this account. If you haven't heard of it before its share's people from New York's stories and things they have been or currently going through. It's really eye opening and it just reminds me that every single person you meet or pass every single day are going through something we may know nothing about. That's why I think it's so important to just be kind or at least respectful to one another. This world is full of strong and brave people and that's what this account shows and that's what I love about it! 

Yes it's an account dedicated to floors, but not just any floors really pretty floors in all different shapes and colours, so creative! 

Youtube Favourites

Just going to throw in my top 3 favourite Youtube channels
The Shaytards 
The Saccone Joly's

All lovely and adorable families!

I always find it hard to narrow down my favourite music because I love so many! Really have been loving 'Birdy's' new album lately though such a beautiful and unique voice. 

What things have you been loving lately? 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My 'Go to' and 'Get Ready' songs

You know those songs that just instantly make you feel a lot better, motivated and just pumped for the day? I have a lot of those songs, but I wanted to narrow down my top 'Go to' songs that put me in a better mood when I'm feeling a little low, in case they're not already added on your playlist here's a few I think that should definitely be added to yours.

Black or White - You can't not sing along to this one, I love the meaning behind it too!

Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
When you feel like everyone is against you, what you gonna do? SHAKE IT OFF! Seriously though, this is a great song to listen to when your feeling a bit down.

Fire under my feet - Leona Lewis
An incredibly catchy tune and definitely one that'll get you all pumped up, especially if your going out for the night.

Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows
This is a song I've recently fallen back in love with, just a really happy song. Of course I always think of Shrek when I hear this.

Friday Night - The Shires
Going out on a friday night? Listen to this. But also a great song just in general!

Five colours in her hair - McFly
The energy in this song literally is amazing.

On top of the world - Imagine Dragons
I was feeling a bit low the other day and this song just made me feel a whole lot better, I felt on top of the world! Okay not literally but it made me happier.

Love is an open door - Frozen
One of the happiest tunes around

Anything could happen - Ellie Goulding
One of my favourite songs. I use the title a lot in my life because really absolutely ANYTHING can happen.

Tomorrow - Annie
I just love this song a lot!

I honestly have so many songs that keep me motivated! What are your 'go to' songs?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A 5 Year Journal

I had seen this book floating around and thought it was such a lovely idea. From a young age I had been writing diaries of my own, I would get one of those big note pads and literally write whatever was on my mind, I have so many big notepads filled with words written by my younger self. As embarrassing as they can be looking back on them I absolutely love reading them and having all those memories and feelings come flooding back and laughing away at myself. 

As I grew older I stopped writing, I had always wanted to get back into writing diaries but just never had the motivation, until now with a little help. 

I had been so excited ordering this 5 year journal because I love filling out things like this. For the next 5 years this diary has a question for you every day in which you can answer as detailed as you like or as simple as you like. It has meaningful questions, questions about the future or questions about literally anything. I've only flicked through the pages up until today's date because I like the idea of having a surprise question and only seeing that question on the day I fill it out. 

It's actually a lot smaller than I originally thought it would be, but with it being small it means it'll be easier to take away with you when you are travelling. I love the way it's designed with it's golden edges around the pages. 
I'm excited to see this complete in 5 years and see how my answers change or maybe they'll stay the same? It's just a really fun book to fill out if you don't feel motivated to write your own diary. 

Have you got this diary? Here is a link if you are interested in having a go yourself.


Thursday, 9 July 2015

I did a 'little' bit of shopping...

Hey all!
Yep, I've done a 'bit' of shopping lately although I have to say this wasn't all in one go! So here's a haul for ya.


I've been wanting a jacket for a long time but haven't found one that I felt like was worth buying but I came across this beautiful white one in H&M. I'm going on holiday pretty soon and thought it would be perfect to go out in the evenings when we have dinner and smarten things up a bit. But I also thought it would be perfect to wear casually too during the day. 
I absolutely love these shorts, the material of them just feels so soft. They may actually be a bit too warm for summer because even though it's not hugely thick material it's still quite woolly but to be perfectly honest I think you can get away with wearing these in the summer. Especially in England when It may be a warm day but it's still cloudy or chilly in the evenings. 

I absolutely love the pattern on these crop tops. Now I don't usually wear crop tops, in fact I never wear them simply because I feel a bit insecure. But this one only shows a tiny bit of your skin and I absolutely loved the patterns and colours. 
Lastly I noticed this black and white strappy top with flower prints on them and loved it. 


Being a bit of an obsessive 'Friends' fan I am just a little bit too proud of this top I bought from Primark. They had a couple of choices of Friends tshirts but preferred this one. I usually wear it to lounge around in or sleep in, just love it a lot! 
I thought this Ice cream top was pretty cute, especially for someone who loves ice cream.

I've just noticed these look really creased for some reason and I haven't worne some of these yet haha. I needed some shorts and I always find denim shorts way too short now and I just wanted ot find some normal length ones, I loved the pattern on these and blue is my favourite colour so it's perfect for me. I also thought the 'Life is Beautiful' was cute.


I've used the body spray and the body scrub from Soap & Glory a couple of times and I can't recommend them enough, lovely smelling products and the scrub feels great on your skin, especially knowing it has sea salt in leaves your skin feeling really fresh,
I haven't used this Hand Food hand cream before but I wanted to try some different products from S&G and I love trying out the little travelling sized products because at least that way If I don't like it I won't be wasting a lot. 

My beloved Collection concealer's and eye liner which I just use constantly. The eye liner lasts a really long time considering I use it most days and considering it's a small pot too, 
I have also used this blush pallet before and loved it, although I dropped it and the whole thing smashed and made a not so fun mess everywhere, so had to go and get myself another one.

Lastly I saw this eye shadow pencil and thought it was a really pretty colour and perfect for this time of year. 
And I'll finish up there because this post is getting super long and I applaud you if you read it till the end! 

Until next time... 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The quickest way to make an Eaton Mess!

Hey all!
Back with a recipe post for you, although I have to say it's not really a recipe as such It's all pretty much common sense haha but thought I would give you a helping hand along the way if you are new to making 'Eaton mess' and this is something that will take you literally 10 minutes to make. 
Eaton mess has got to be one of my favourite puddings and the other day I had a sudden craving for it. Usually I'm a lover of baking but I just wasn't in the mood to spend ages on making a pudding that was mostly just going to be for myself. 

Grab yourself some strawberries, meringue's & cream from the super market that's all your going to need. Pour out the amount of cream you'd like your Eaton Mess to have and because It's been cooling in the fridge you'll need to leave it out for a short while until it's warmed up a bit.
Once you feel it's at room temperature go and get yourself a Whisk and whisk away with your cream, whisk for about 5 minutes (I find whisking quite satisfying) if you find yourself lost in time another way to know the cream is thick enough is to lift the whisk up and if it leaves  trail then you know it's done. 

Take your meringue's and crush them up into a bowl, add in your strawberries and then pour the cream. 
It really is that easy. Of course that's the lazy way of making Eaton Mess but if your not a baker or you urgently need to make a pudding, it's so simple and quick to make. 

Have fun eating it! 

Monday, 6 July 2015

OOTD - Comfy and casual

Shirt - H&M
Bag - Forever 21
Watch - Primark
Skinny Jeans - Primark

It's mostly a chill day at home today apart from popping out to the shops. But I thought I would sneak in an OOTD post mainly because I am very proud of my new bag I bought from Forever 21 and I haven't been able to blog about it as of yet!

I absolutely love those cute little bags that just about fit the essentials you need in, me personally although I do have big bags I don't usually like carrying them around in places that I don't really need a big bag for. I like to have something light on my shoulder. Forever 21 is always a hit and miss with me, I find that I have to really look in the shop to find something that catches my eye. I came across this bag in the accessories section and I believe it was about £17 or so? I just think it's super cute and I think it goes perfectly with a casual outfit but it also smartens up an outfit that little bit more.

This shirt always reminds me of Christmas and the autumn/winter time because of the colours. But It's actually one of the most comfiest tops I've got, I mean pretty much all of my tops are comfy because that's what I tend to go for. But I just love the material and how soft this shirt is. But it's also not too hot to wear when the sun is out. 
For my trousers I'm just wearing typical skinny jeans which I bought from Primark quite a long while ago actually and they have lasted really well! 

And then you may recognise this watch which I talked about in a previous post of mine I'm still amazed at how cheap it was,  but that's Primark for you eh? I love Silver jewellery but I'm a gold accessory lover!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Until next time...

Friday, 3 July 2015

Things that I have been loving

Stripy Top - H&M
I do love me some black and white stripy tops especially stripy ones! It always makes me feel a bit 'French' because to me it's like a classic French style. I also think the gold buttons on the side add a really cute touch to it and also makes it look a bit smarter. But I think with this top it's something that you can either wear with a casual look or you can definitely smarten it up! 

Shorts - Forever 21 
I was debating whether to buy these shorts or not but I didn't want them to be left in the shop with no new home to go to so I decided they should belong to me, ha. I probably wouldn't wear the top and the shorts together maybe a bit too much? but the shorts would look great with a plane/simple top. The material is a little bit more thicker than usual so this is definitely something you can wear in the winter as well as something for the summer. 

Sunglasses - Primark
£2 for sunglasses? sounds good to me! Me personally, I often have trouble finding sun glasses that actually look good on me, these don't look much better than any others I find but they're smaller which is what appealed to me I actually like the design too! I have an annoyingly small face and usually most sunglasses look too big on me and I end up looking like a fly. But I have to say I do love these! 

Purse - Primark 
I wanted to get a bigger purse because all my small ones never fit all my lose change so I thought a bigger purse would be easier, I love the colour too! 

Tangle Teaser -
Long story short, I'm just glad these were invented! 

Collection concealer & Collection Eyeliner
Both of these products have been a long term love of mine, have used these over and over again.

Apple Lip balms - Primark
I have never tried any of Primark's beauty/make up products before so as I went past that section the other week I thought I would have a little nose around and noticed these super cute lip balms. I've used them every day since I purchased them. I haven't actually used the 'apple' flavour yet but I can imagine it smelling so good, this cherry flavoured one defintely smells amazing. My lips have been feeling so soft lately because of these.

Watch - Primark 
I swear this post isn't sponsored by Primark, I just went a bit mad in there not so long ago. I've been looking for a gold watch for quite some time, and I just love the design. £2.50 for a watch, not bad eh?

Lastly I've been loving this creamy eye shadow I purchased a while ago, It's a perfect colour for this time of year! 

I think I better stop there because I can see this post getting long. Hope you've all had a good week, I'm sadly working over the weekend. What things have you been loving lately? 

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