Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Lovely Lush

I recently went on a little lush shopping spree. Lush is one of my absolute favourite places, being someone who has a few too many baths and loves them a little too much I always love throwing in a bath bomb or bath melts into it to make it that little bit more special. 
I figured it was also about time that I tried some more of their other products too so had a little search around the online store while sat in my PJ's looking a total mess (gotta love online shopping) and thought I would share with you what I had picked up.

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub
Usually when I hear the word 'bubble gum' I think of my 5 year old self eating those ice creams that had bubble gum tucked away at the bottom which I actually didn't like that much. Bubble gum to me has never really been my sort of thing however I had been hearing a few good things about this lip scrub so I wanted to give it a try considering how dry my lips can get in the winter It sounded like this would help. Let me tell you one thing THIS TASTES AMAZING. Okay so I know you don't purchase this to eat but I literally could eat the whole thing (probably wouldn't be so great for you!) But it also smells incredible! Made with Caster sugar, Organic Jojoba oil and Alpha Isomethyl Ionone. It's something that's great for applying before you apply your main lip product. Leaves your lips moisturised and removes dead skin. 

I haven't actually tried this one yet but with lavender water and rose water in it's ingredients it's meant to be great for sensitive skin. The Lavender water can balance and soften the skin and the Rose water is meant to help reduce redness to your skin. 

Catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask £6,50

This doesn't have the strongest scent to it but sometimes it's not all about the scent. Although you can definitely get a hint of blueberries which is one of it's main ingredients, also made with Chamomile rose, Calamine, and almond oils. It definitely left my face feeling incredibly smooth and refreshed. 

Frozen Bathbomb

As soon as I knew it was called Frozen I knew I had to purchase it. It leaves your bath in the most beautiful turquoise blue with sparkles (not overly sparkled) it's such a lovely bath bomb and smells so good too. I did actually have a little reaction to this product but nothing too harmful and it hasn't put me off it at all haha. 

Rose Jam Bubble Bar £3.75

How cute does this look? And I still need to try a real macaroon they always look so delicious! 

Having completely forgotten the name of the other pink bath melt which seems to look like a marshmallow I couldn't really tell you much about that one haha! 

What's your favourite lush products? Are there any you can recommend? 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hakuna Matata

I don't actually think I have done any sort of  'reviews' on this blog before. I've literally just got back home from seeing 'The Lion King Musical' in London and while it's still fabulously fresh in my mind I thought it 100% deserved to be talked about. 

Okay so firstly I am a huge lover of musicals, I don't go to absolutely loads but when I do I could easily sit through them all over again. There's just something about them that excites me. 
To be completely honest I had only seen The Lion King once as a movie back when I was about 5 so I had sort of forgotten what the story was about. But while sat watching it, the story line had all come back to me and I remembered everything. 
The thing that stood out most to me was the stage work, props and costumes. Everything was so perfect and it was amazing how everything had been put together. People dressed up in animal costumes, people on stilts in costumes (being giraffes) it was just all so brilliantly done. 
The cast was so talented and told the story so well and after a while you forget that there's people on stage and you get so stuck in the story and think that there is actually a bunch of wild animals on stage. 
I also love how they added their own lines and references to things that were current and well known these days. Like they actually added in and sang a little bit of  'let it go' - frozen or they talked about how one of their stage curtains looked like it was a shower curtain from Ikea, I thought that was hilarious. Obviously I won't ruin it too much for those who haven't seen it yet, but if you haven't it's something that I can say is definitely worth a watch. I'm sure I'll be going back to book some more tickets to see it again at some point. 
I think I'm going to annoy people now by singing the sound track for the next month!

Have you seen the lion king? What are your favourite musicals?

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Burnham Beeches & Autumn Walks

I took a stroll through Burn ham Beeches today, although I wasn't expecting a beach I was sort of hoping there might be one haha ;)
This is a place known for it's Beech tree's and a stunning nature environment. Perfect for people who love nature, and perfect for people who love taking photo's of nature! It's pretty much heaven for those who love Autumn like myself.
It's actually also got a hotel which I might have to try and stay in some time in the future because the country surroundings are gorgeous. But anyway, here's a few snaps I took while I was taking in all the beautiful colours around me...
There will probably be a part 2 coming up at some point.
But you can also check a few more photo's on my Instagram 'Thingsworthcapturing' for more regular updates on my photography work.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Scrumptious sparkly shortbreads

It's been so long since I've posted a recipe, In all honestly it's been a long time since I've baked anything and I'm starting to miss it. I used to bake so much but Ironically since I started working in a bakery shop (where we don't actually bake) but I've baked less.
This is a short bread recipe that I've used since I was a young age, It's so simple and quick to make so it's a perfect recipe if your baking for a party or if your simply baking for the fun of it.

4oz Butter at room temperature
4oz Caster sugar
6oz Plain flour
Extra Caster sugar for sprinkling

Firstly measure out your butter and put it into the bowl get yourself a wooden spoon and beat the butter to soften it. Next add in the sugar and mix together with the butter. Sieve in your flour (I would add it in gradually so when you mix the flour it won't go everywhere!) Mix all the ingredients well and once your done it should look like the picture below.

Sprinkle your sugar onto the surface and start rolling out your mixture. Grab yourself some cutters and depending on the size of your cutters it should roughly make about 12 biscuits. 
Then bake your biscuits for 30 mins at a temperature of 150c.

You can buy edible glitter from pretty much anywhere that sells cake decorating products. I purchased mine from Lake land (which is like heaven if you love to bake) they have quite a few different colours to choose from. 

These would also be perfect for Christmas too! 

Once everything is done there's only one more thing left to do EAT EAT EAT :)
Oh and the washing up but eating is much more fun! 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Those Autumn Days...

Hey all!
One thing that I've been super excited about this week is that my camera has finally been sent back to me (where it belongs haha!) I felt pretty lost without it to be honest as I'm that person who has their camera on them most of the time. But it's all been mended and looks as good as new and I'm trying to be less clumsy because I think I actually would cry If I dropped it again! I absolutely love Autumn because everything seems so much more picture perfect with it's beautiful Autumnal colours. Earlier on today I went on a little Autumn walk and snapped a few photo's so thought I would share them with you.  

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Happy Places

We all have those things that bring us to our 'Happy places' and things that make us feel just generally comfortable and safe. Whether that's certain people, food, songs, music, TV shows and so on. I have a few things that make me feel at 'home' and bring me to my happy place so I thought I would share them with you.

You probably know my obsession with this show by now. I had to download the 10 seasons onto my laptop so wherever my laptop goes It's accessible to watch. But even at home I'll have it on as background noise or I'll actually watch it for most of the day. Sometimes I swear I have a serious obsession with it and should go and see someone about it hahaha.

I've gotten myself into a strange habit where I can't sleep when it's completely silent. So I'll have a video/movie playing on in the background very quietly and it'll either be '10 Things I hate about you' which is my all time favourite movie or 'Clueless'. It's probably not the best habit to get into but sleeping in silence isn't something I'm fond of.

There's always certain foods that remind me of home or literally just take me to a happy place. Banana's are actually my favourite food and are something that I have once a day at the least. Bagels are also another favourite of mine.

Listening to music is honestly something I could do for hours and hours, sometimes I could be just sat there with my headphones on drifting into my own little world where no one but me and that song exists. My ipod is filled with songs that remind me of home and just bring certain happy memories that I love reliving.

I have way too many baths. Warm bubble baths are my absolute fave, actually throw in some lush products in there too!

What are your particular things that take you to your happy place? I would love to hear.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Recent Photo uploads!

Currently sat here on my sofa at just gone 7pm trying so hard to stay awake! 6am shifts can be a killer some days eh? I wanted to try and keep my eyes open and thought a blogger post would be a perfect distraction. As you know by now my addiction with Instagram is pretty strong, It's just a great way to share my photography pieces but I'd love to start sharing them more on here too! So here's a few old and new photo's that I've taken and edited lately. Feel free to go and follow my IG if ya feel like it? 'Thingsworthcapturing' always appreciated! Hope every one is having a lovely weekend.

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