Thursday, 8 October 2015

Current and recent favourites.

Hey all!
I figured it was a bit too early to do an 'Autumn favourites' but a little bit late to do a 'Summer favourites' so I ended up deciding on showing you a few things that I have been loving recently.

I'm a sucker for checked shirts, I feel like they're perfect to wear for any time of the year but for me they always remind me of Autumn. This is something I've actually bought quite recently from 'Next' which is never a place where I usually shop If I'm honest but they had some really lovely things in there the last time I visited. Grab some skinny jeans and a pair of your favourite shoes and hey your good to go! 

These brown boots are something I purchased from BHS last winter and honestly are probably my favourite pair of shoes I've ever owned. They're extremely comfy and warm and keep my feet perfectly warm when it's cold. 

I'm also in love with these Pink shoes I picked up from H&M. H&M is my all time favourite shop and is one of my favourite places to go when I'm searching for some new shoes. I'm quite a boring person when it comes to shoes and felt like my style needed a bit of a change and these are the ones that stood out to me against the dark shoes that were placed beside them. It's almost like they were calling out to me 'HEY PICK ME I WANT TO BE WORN ON YOUR FEET' y'know? 

I'm pretty new when it comes to buying Benefit products. Okay so I was actually a little pressured into buying it (long story) and was going to take it back because If I'm honest I never usually spend that much on a product, which is just a personal choice. But in the end I decided to give it a go and found myself loving it! It's something that I've been using every day and it's probably something that I will continue to use. 
This nail polish is something I've been wearing a lot lately, It's one of those shades that I think is perfect for Autumn and winter too! 
Being a person who wears contact lenses I don't often wear a lot of make up on my eyes and mascara was something I never used to wear that much because of the contact lens situation. But although I still wear contact lenses mascara is something that I've been wearing pretty much most days!


I've always liked Beyonce but lately I've suddenly had this 'obsession' with her where I've been watching live video's and having jamming sessions to her songs. She's such a lovely and classy woman too would love to see her live someday! 
Imagine dragons have been a favourite of mine for a long while and I'm so utterly excited to see them live in a few weeks. 

TV Shows
A while ago I started watching 'Once upon a time' and then sort of forgot about it but I'm slowly coming back to it and loving it! 


Okay can we talk about how UP is literally the most cutest movie? It has me an emotional wreck in some parts but over all it is completely adorable. 

Hope your all having a good week. What have been your favourite things lately?


  1. UP is definitely the cutest movie, I have already watched it twice but I think it might be time to watch it again. :) x

    1. It's definitely one of Those films that you can watch over and over again! X

  2. I have never heard of UP. I really want to see it now with my daughter. I love checkered prints as well. Love your fall boots, they look so comfy and warm. I like Benefit, although expensive they so seem to work each and every time. Great post and thanks for sharing.

    1. Really recommend it it's one of those films that is perfect for adults and kids too! X

  3. Oh my lord, the pink brogues from H&M, I need them in my life!


  4. Those boots are so cute! I also love Once Upon a Time

    Lauren x |

  5. Checked shirts are perfect for Autumn :) Also UP is the best film EVER! <3


    Sade xo

    1. They are aren't they UP is definitely on the list of my top faves! X


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