Sunday, 25 October 2015

Burnham Beeches & Autumn Walks

I took a stroll through Burn ham Beeches today, although I wasn't expecting a beach I was sort of hoping there might be one haha ;)
This is a place known for it's Beech tree's and a stunning nature environment. Perfect for people who love nature, and perfect for people who love taking photo's of nature! It's pretty much heaven for those who love Autumn like myself.
It's actually also got a hotel which I might have to try and stay in some time in the future because the country surroundings are gorgeous. But anyway, here's a few snaps I took while I was taking in all the beautiful colours around me...
There will probably be a part 2 coming up at some point.
But you can also check a few more photo's on my Instagram 'Thingsworthcapturing' for more regular updates on my photography work.


  1. Your photos are stunning! Makes me miss autumn! Em xx

  2. Wow these photos are beautiful

    Lauren x |

  3. You've taken some really beautiful pictures here, great job!

  4. Gorgeous photos ! you have a talent ! :)
    please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  5. wow !!! one of the best Autumn photography I seen for a long time ! Well done you really have an eye for photography! What program/ setting did you use to change colours on your pictures?

    1. Thank you so much. I use 'Picasa' on my laptop to play around with the colours and lighting. I also then set my camera setting to Manual 'F2' on my macro lens. And then sometimes edit the effects on different photo apps on my phone. x

  6. Really awesome post! Love all your photos!
    I just created a food blog and would love for any advice!
    Izzy x

  7. These photos look so beautiful! The first one is my favorite as the trees look so beautiful!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  8. What a beautiful place! Places like this are so much prettier in Autumn aren't they! Love all the berries xx

    Tamz \\

  9. This is my dream, to go on a date on a beautiful Autumn day at a park filled with trees with yellow and orange leaves! I love Autumn so much and this looks like heaven for me. aahhh and your photography made it look even better!
    Great post!! :) xx



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