Sunday, 20 July 2014

Confidence, Happiness & Courage

Confidence - For a long time I have been struggling with finding confidence whether that's confidence in my personality or being confident with my body. I can't remember a day where I haven't pointed out all my flaws to myself and to be honest I am my own biggest critique. I spend most of my time comparing myself to other people which is the WORST thing you can do It's so unhealthy and just doesn't do you any good. All I ever want is to find peace with myself and start liking who I am and being okay In my own skin, I hate that I always wish to be someone else because In reality I can never be anyone else but myself. If I'm honest I think I just care a bit too much about what other people think of me and I know you shouldn't but that's just always something I've done.

Happiness -For long periods of my life I haven't been totally happy either, there's always something going on in my mind and I tend to over think things and worry about things that I shouldn't worry about. Of course there's been times when I have been really happy but then I have a lot of days when I just feel completely lost. I once heard someone say "Happiness is a choice" I didn't agree with it at first but that's because I didn't even try to use that phrase in my life I just brushed past it. But then recently I've been trying to have a new frame of mind and focus on the positive things and every time I'm feeling down I say to myself "Happiness is a choice, I want to be happy today, I'm going to be happy!". Now, sometimes that's easier said than done but you've just gotta again put
yourself in a new frame of mind and once you succeed and your feeling happy, it feels great.

Courage -
Courage is something that I feel a lot of people find hard to have, we all have it but we just need to believe we have it and believe in ourselves. We always seem to doubt ourselves and think "ah I can't do that" and sometimes we don't even try. I think a lot of people are scared of failing but there's nothing to be ashamed of if you don't get it right, as long as you've tried then that's something to be happy about and the fact that at least you gave it a go after all "to fall is not to fail, you fail when you don't try". Courage is something really important to have and once you get the confidence to have it I feel that you and myself can do anything.

I hope that eventually one day I will find peace with myself and stop putting myself down it might take time but I can't spend my time wishing that I was someone else.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, good job :)

    Amazzable xox

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    1. Ah, Thank you. And sure I'll check it out :)


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