Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bedroom Tour

In a previous post I mentioned that I was in the process of giving my room a make over. It's all finished for now and I'm really happy with the outcome and thought I would share it with you. Before I started working on it I had a picture of how I wanted it to look in my head and that idea stuck with me throughout the time of decorating it. I wanted it to be a bit more girlie and fun but more mature at the same time.

So I've had my bed for quite a long time now and the whole thing is just so comfy! I absolutely love my duvet with it's bright colours and floral prints and It just brightens up my whole room. I'm not too sure where I got the duvet from but If I end up remembering I'll add it into the post. 

A while back I found this sign which I think was from John Lewis which has "You can't buy happiness but you can buy cupcakes and that's the same kind of thing" written on it and I thought that was really sweet, and I love cupcakes so I couldn't really not buy it! 

One of my newest purchases is the lit up heart from Amazon which I decided to hang beneath the Paris picture and it has become one of my top favourite things that I have in my room. The size of it is perfect, not to big but not too small and just generally fits in my room really nicely. If your thinking of buying things for your room I actually recommend looking through Amazon because I've seen some really cute quirky items on there if your into that kind of thing.

Then below that you can see my little collection of Ukulele's and guitars haha. Although I do need to buy myself some more Ukulele stands! 

The picture behind the guitars I originally had up on the wall but once I bought myself a new picture I took this one down. I didn't want to get rid of it though because I liked it too much so just put it wherever there was space for it. 
The light next to it which is sort of paper material I've had for quite a few years now and I think it might have been from John Lewis although I'm not %100 sure!

These draws are actually a little bit bigger than they seem in this picture for some reason they look pretty small here. But I love these draws a lot! These were from IKEA and I'm not too sure on the exact price but It was possibly between £400-500 or may have been under so pretty pricey but I was willing to pay that much for my ideal draws that I've always wanted. 
I think the type of draws you choose for your room generally makes a big difference to how your room ends up looking.

I won't go into too much detail about where everything on top of the draws is from as that's already mentioned in my previous posts. 
I then just added another touch to it by hanging those hearts onto the handles which are also from Ikea. The heart below the two black ones was actually a Christmas Tree decoration but thought it would go nicely with the draws instead. 

The 'Sleep' sign was a gift so I don't know where that was from but the clock was from John Lewis.
The fairy lights on top of the draws were also from John lewis.

The pretty pink flowers were from Home sense, they're not actually real but I still think they give a nice feminine feel to my room. The mug is just a gift which someone gave to me. And then I just keep my perfumes there too.
The lamp is from Ikea, originally it had a different base which unfortunately broke but then found this base from Home Sense. 

This mirror is also one of my favourite pieces from the room which is from John Lewis. I then just wrapped some fairy lights around the mirror and the picture on the wall and these lights were also from Amazon. 
The picture of the dress was from Ikea.
Those black and red draws/cupboards are also from Ikea although I've never really been too keen on them but they fit quite a lot of things inside which was what I needed and might end up painting them a different colour.
I then just have my Ipod speakers, nail polish stand and a box which I just keep things in on top of my piano.
The little white box below my piano is from Ikea too! I think basically most of my room is from that shop haha! It's a great shop for bed rooms though! 

This chair isn't just a chair It's also a bed! I mean it's not the most comfiest of beds but it's decent enough if you've got someone staying over. It's actually a black chair but I decided to throw this light brown blanket over it which makes it go with the rest of my room better. I think both of the  'love' cushions were from John Lewis and the Turquoise/fluffy one was something I got a long time ago so can't quite remember where that's from. 

And then lastly I just hang all my bags on my door.

Sorry this post ended up being pretty long! Although I'm really pleased with how my room has turned out I've spent quite a long time putting all the finishing touches and adding bits and bobs to it. 
But anyway, hope you like it! Let me know what you think? :)


  1. Lovely room - and collection of guitars! I've nominated you for an award! Check out my post for more info! Abi :)

    1. Thank you haha! And thank you so much for the nomination that's so nnice of you! If you don't mind me asking how do these nomination award things work? I'm still newish here and not sure how everything works haha! X

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