Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My recent favourite body products

These products in this image have got to be my recent favourite 'body products'. 

Brilliant Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner 

This shampoo and conditioner does nothing but greatness to my hair! If you have brown hair like myself I really recommend these which I get from Boots. It leaves my hair feeling really silky, smooth and just really fresh and they also smell really nice which is a bonus!


If I'm honest I'm not too sure where this soap is from I think it might be from John Lewis but not a 100% sure. But I can't express how good this smells! Seriously I wish they did a perfume with this smell haha. But whenever I use this it reminds me of that "holiday, summery" smell, it has such a nice refreshing scent to it.

Gingerbread hand cream

This is something I bought around last Christmas time from 'The body shop' and I think it was just a product they were selling around Christmas. It's a pretty small tube but It's lasted me till July! Although for me the scent isn't the most amazing thing I've smelt I've really enjoyed using it the times that I have used it. I get pretty dry hands sometimes and this does the perfect job of moisturising them and makes them nice and soft :)


I have three perfumes at the moment but wanted to use this one up before I start the rest. I'm not so good with the names of perfumes if I'm honest I think this might be Chloe? Correct me if I'm wrong though. But I'm really happy with this perfume, I wanted to try something different and this has a really "pretty" smell to it if that even makes sense haha? But definitely has been one of my top favourite perfumes that I've tried.

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