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Nashville - The City Of Music


About two summers back in 2012 we went to Nashville. My parents weren't actually too keen on going there but me and my brother are massive music fans and we practically begged them until they gave in haha! Of course I'm so utterly grateful that they decided to take us there even when they weren't desperate to go. We where going to other places In America which they wanted to go to so it was equal. We only spent 3 days there but 3 days is better than 0 days.
We took our flight from Gatwick and had to change planes once we arrived in Chicago, I was actually a little gutted because Chicago is a place where I also really want to visit. We were there for about 3 hours and we couldn't go out of the airport so we had to see a glimpse of what Chicago looked like sitting from inside the airport. It was then time to board the plane to Nashville, It was a tiny plane I had never been on a plane that small before and I was feeling pretty anxious about it but it wasn't so bad once I got used to it and the flight wasn't that long anyway. It was a clear, sunny day with no clouds in the sky and the funny thing is you can Immediately tell when your flying above Nashville because all you can see is a land of Green and tall bushy trees and of course houses! The plane turned on it's side a little bit as it was turning round, you know when it feels like your falling side ways I kinda love that haha! I looked out the window and was getting so excited about the fact that I was actually In Nashville! I'm trying to write this in as much detail as I can but being 2 years ago It's hard to remember EVERY single detail.
We arrived early evening/late afternoon. I remember that on our first evening we were all so incredibly tired, we had all been up for over 48 hours or something ridiculous like that so we could not wait to go to bed. We went out to eat at a diner on the first night before we arrived at the motel we were staying in. Our waitress was very interested In where we came from and was really friendly and chatty. That's one thing I noticed about Nashville is that everyone is so welcoming and friendly and they just generally want to chat to you. 
I honestly can't remember what events we did on the exact days so I'm just going to explain what we got up to while we were there without naming the days. 

Nashville is everything you imagine it to be and more. Music here, music there, music everywhere. Every bar you walk past has country music playing whether that's coming from a performer or just from the radio. Busy streets, people in cowboy hats, that's one thing about Nashville is that you know everybody there has something in common, their love for music. 
We walked around seeing what Nashville had to offer. I think I stopped in every one of those tourist shops! What I also love about Nashville is that in most shops and places you go they have Taylor Swift merch everywhere! 

The weather wasn't great the whole time we were there, it rained a lot. But Nashville still looked beautiful. 
One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Nashville was because there was a Taylor Swift exhibition on at the 'Music Hall of Fame' Museum and I was lucky enough to be able to go there. 
The whole museum is dedicated to music, there's records on the walls, outfits of what famous stars wore to show, musical instruments of what the artists have played. The whole museum is just one of the coolest museums I've ever been to. 
A lot of these pictures where taken from my phone so they're not the best of quality...

For the rest of the time we just explored the rest of the City, went to a number of restaurants and diners, visited the shopping centres, and just basically did what a normal tourist does when they go to another country.
All in all without this blog post getting too long If you ever get the opportunity to go, please take that opportunity and go! The whole atmosphere is incredible and the people are friendly and of course you can't forget the amazing Nashville accents! 
I really hope that at some point in my life I can go and visit this place again and spend longer time when I'm there.
Scroll down if you would like to see some more pictures...

We went to a cute little diner where they served us the ketchup like this! :)

^ A Pretty cool restaurant we went to have lunch in 


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