Wednesday, 9 July 2014

June favourites!

I cannot believe we are  half way through the year and that it's July already! This year is just flying by. I was originally going to do a video on this on my YouTube channel but might just do it here instead. I've not had many "new" favourites If I'm honest so I haven't got a lot of beauty products to show you, but those that I do have I've been really loving and using a lot of.
I've mentioned some of these items quite a few times so I'm not going to go into too much detail about them. The rimmel blush I actually bought quite a few months ago but then stopped using it because I was using something else and then recently I started using it a lot again. It's a really pretty colour very summery and because I'm quite pale it brings me some colour to my face which is always good!

I did a blog post on the Rimmel lip crayons which I'm obsessed with right now, I just love this colour so much It's not too "in your face" it's just a pretty natural colour. Once I'm done with this one I'm going to go and try some other colours from this range for sure!

The Rimmel Match foundation & forever collection lasting perfection concealer have been something I've previously talked about in my blog but these products I have just been using again and again. Before I used to buy a different type of concealer each time but since I found this one I've just stuck with it because it's really good coverage and lasts a good amount of time.

I love, love, love the colours of these nail varnishes they're just so happy and summery! Lately I have been using two nail varnishes at once and have been putting one colour on one nail and then another on the next and the two coral type colours go great together! The blue is also a really lovely bright colour and definitely one to wear this summer! 

Random Favourites 

Music favourites 
Besides Taylor Swift & McFly (who will always be my very favourite artists haha!) there's been quite a few artists and songs that I have been loving!

Ed sheerans new album is amazing, I'm so obsessed with it right now. 'Photograph, Tenerife sea & Don't' have got to be my favourite songs of the album but they're all amazing.

Dolly patron I have fallen in love with recently, I've always liked her but lately I've just been playing her songs all the time and I just generally think she's such a great artist and person. 

I have always loved Busted but because it's 'McBusted' right now I felt I had to mention them, I just love those guys a lot! 

The Vamps have fastly become another favourite of mine lately, I just find their album really catchy and have been playing it quite a lot.

Honestly there's so many artist's that I love at the moment but those are my top favourites right now. :)

TV Shows

I am literally obsessed with this show. There's only ever been one show I've been OBSESSED with and that was 'Friends' and it still is! But this is my new obsession, well I say new I've loved it since season one haha. I just love the storyline it's one of those shows where you just can't miss any episodes otherwise you won't know what's going on! But there's so many twist and turns. I've just recently watched the 100th episode and that has been my favourite one yet! I really, really want to find out who A is! 

I don't have a particular favourite movie as I love so many! But in July these were my top favourites.

Those are just some of my favourites believe me I love many more! :)

Before this post ends up getting too long I think I'm going to stop there! What have been your favourite things last month/this month? 

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