Thursday, 24 July 2014

Begin Again - Review

Earlier on today I went to see 'Begin Again' as soon as I saw the trailer on the TV the first time I wanted to see it straight away, it definitely looked like my kind of movie. I didn't actually realise that the same director for this film was the same as ONCE which could explain why It totally reminded me of ONCE the whole way through the film. ONCE is one of my favourite films.
The cast were amazing, so many familiar faces James Corden is one of my favourite people so it was nice to see him in there, Keira Knightley has also been another favourite actress of mine. And then there's Adam Levine who is oh so fine (see what I did there? ;) ) but the whole cast is great!
It's just my kind of movie funny, cheesy, romantic and musical! Musical movies are my favourite kind. And who knew Keira knightley could sing? I could see her having a little bit of a musical career soon coming from this movie. So if you haven't seen this yet I definitely recommend it, and If you have seen it what did you think of it?

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