Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lip Lustre Lip gloss review

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet seeing as it's only one little product I'm talking about but I wanted to give a review on this 'Lip Lustre' lipgloss from Seventeen. Now I've heard people say that Seventeen is not the best of brands, you might dis agree or agree but I have used a few products from there and have been pretty pleased with them. I think a few of the first ever make up things that I bought was from 'Seventeen'.
But recently I wanted to try some new Lip glosses. I had the same one for a long time and although it was okay, it wasn't the best and really I just got bored of using the same one. I honestly haven't tried many Lip glosses as I tend to stick with lip crayons and natural coloured lipsticks but this summer I wanted to change it up a bit so I went with this.
So far I'm really happy with it, It's not a very bright colour but It's a really pretty natural colour. I sometimes use it on top of a natural coloured Lip crayon that I've got and it just gives it a really nice shine to it. It lasts well and feels really nice on your lips. It also actually tastes pretty nice if you by 'Accident' get it in your mouth haha. So all in all it's just a good lip gloss and the colour is a great colour to wear this summer.


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