Saturday, 12 July 2014

Top 10 favourite things In my room.

For a while I've been in the process of giving my room a make over and it's almost completely finished I'm just waiting on to paint one of the walls or I may end up leaving it all white but I haven't decided yet. I've also bought a few decorations on line for my room so once I put the finishing touches on my bed room I'll upload some pictures then. But for now I have quite a few things in my bed room that I absolutely love and thought I would just share them with you and maybe it could inspire you with ideas if your in the middle of decorating yours?


I really wanted to make my room a bit more mature and I had a picture of how I wanted it to look in my head. I really love this lamp, I originally bought the whole lamp shade from Ikea but then ended up breaking the bottom bit of the lamp so I had to buy a new stand which was a shame because I really loved the stand before I broke it. I also really like this new one though which is from Home sense and I think it goes really well with all the other Items in my room. The pink shade is still from Ikea though and I think it was about £14 roughly?

Even though the flowers aren't real I think it adds a really nice feminine touch to the room!


This Jewellery box is probably my favourite thing out of all these Items, I just adore the style and the colours. It has different compartments on top and then two draws below. If your not familiar with Home Sense I really recommend you going there especially if your into unique products/antiques. Home sense often sells things where there's only a few of those Items, so this box I found was the only one that they sold in the shop. But they do many boxes like this which are all different. 


This picture is perfect for me because I love cupcakes haha! I just thought this was really cute and I love the colours and just the whole style of it, it's fun and different. I think this is from John lewis who actually do quite a few fun/unique signs like this. 


You've just gotta have some fairy lights in your room! It just makes the place feel a lot more warm and cosy. I'm actually ordering myself some more (not the same ones but some nice white ones). I adore the shape and style of these it's a really pretty design and goes so nicely on top of my draws. I can't quite remember where I got these from but If I end up remembering I'll add that here. 


This mirror is also from Ikea, Ikea sells some really nice things for your bed room/home and a lot of things from my room is actually from there. I can't remember exactly all the prices but I think this was about £10 which is a really good deal. I don't really use it if I'm honest but I find it makes a really nice decoration haha. 


This is also from Ikea, I just really loved the picture.


Polaroid camera's are one of my favourite things ever invented. I just have so much fun with them when I use them. I normally use them on special occasions since there's only 10 pictures per film, but love them! 


I bought this picture a couple of years ago now but still one of my favourite pictures that I've ever bought for my room from Ikea. 

Spreading some love! I can't quite remember where I got the blue cushion from but the orange one is from John Lewis. I'm a bit obsessed with cushions I haven't actually got many because a lot of them can be quite expensive but If I could I would buy a lot more!

So Those are my top favourite things from my room, I'm really pleased with the way it's turning out and once it's completely done I'll take some pictures and share them with you.

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