Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Every day make up

When It comes to me and make up I tend to often stick with the same look and use the same make up products that I know well and fully familiar and comfortable with. I would absolutely love to experiment with lots of other products, colours and just make up in general but having a job that doesn't allow you to wear a lot makes it a little tricky to do so and really I don't have the time to play around with different looks! Hopefully some time In the future I can concentrate on that area more but honestly I'm no make up expert and definitely no make up 'guru'. But I thought I would show you my every day make up look which literally takes me about 15 or so minutes to do, so very quick and easy!

I've probably mentioned quite a few of these products quite a bit in previous posts but some of these are my all time favourite make up products. 

Too Faced Eye Shadow Pallet
This has lasted me for what must be over a year or so now, It's been one of my favourite pallets that I've ever used. The colours are so beautiful and one of the darker colours I actually use to fill in my eye brows! You can do so many looks with this pallet, I tend to stick with the pale colours as that's nice and simple for work. 

Collection Eye Liner 
I love 'Collection' a lot, I just find it does really great products and ones that I buy over and over again. This also lasts a very long time considering that it's a tiny pot and that I use it pretty much every day. 

Collection Concealer 
This is another favourite of mine and also something that I have used many times, it's so affordable and just perfect for the dark circles that I get under my eyes. 

Rimmel BB Cream 
I've only recently purchased this BB Cream, but before this I had honestly never used BB cream befor, I heard so many people go on about it so wanted to try it out myself and I am actually really pleased with it. Again it's affordable, not too expensive but worth having. And what's also nice is that sometimes I'll just put this on instead of foundation, it doesn't feel as 'heavy' as foundation may feel. 

Rimmel Blusher 
I find that this is such a pretty colour and brings a perfect tint to my pale cheeks. 

Collection Eye Shadow Pallet 
Having loved Items that I recently got from Collection I thought I would go and ahead and try something else, It's a really cute pallet with pretty pink/purply colours which are definitely perfect for the spring/summer season! 

Instant Glow Bronzer 
This is something I've had for a long time! But something I use every day, I'm pretty sure that I bought this a couple of years ago and it's still lasted me well so I'm not sure if it's actually still around. 

Benefit Eye brow filler 
Once I've filled in my eye brows with the eye shadow I'll just put a bit of this on top to sharpen and neaten up my eye brows. 

Rimmel Match Foundation
Love, love, love this product! Has to be my favourite foundation, this is definitely something that I've mentioned before in previous posts but I'm sure you all have read about it somewhere considering how popular it is. But I find it's such a perfect colour for my skin. 

So that's pretty much all the make up that I use, I really recommend any of these Items! Usually I'll start of by putting the BB cream lightly on my face, once that's all rubbed in I'll put some concealer on to cover up those not so great dark circles! I'll then use my foundation, put a bit of bronzer and blusher on to give my cheeks a nice glow. Then I'll go ahead and fill my eyebrows in. I naturally have very fare eye brows and sometimes It'll look like I have no eye brows at all haha! So I find it really useful for me to fill them in, and definitely frames my face a bit more. With eye shadows I usually first put on a highlighter for the base and then use a lighter colour on top. I also have quite small eyes so I always find that using light eye shadow brightens them up just that little bit more and then I'll add some eye liner on my eye lids. And then for under my eyes I actually use just eye shadow as it's not so harsh and gives it a more 'softer' look. And then I'll apply a bit of lip gloss or lip balm!

And that's it! Is there any make up you recommend that I try? I'm always open to experimenting with different products when I can. 



  1. It's good to stick with what is tried and true! I'm just now experimenting with a lot of products. Many did not work! HAHAHA That's why I like to share with others. So they won't waste their money and such. I love Too Faced Cosmetics.

  2. Really interested in rimmel bb cream now.I might try it out:)Loved the post.Amazing blog!If you love beauty and fashion follow my blog,I follow and comment back!:)

  3. Wow you've given your Too Faced palette some serious love! I love my Natural Eyes palette from them too - such great quality mattes! xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

    1. haha I definitely have! I agree, really love them! x

  4. Love this post! Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! :) Your layout is so cute!


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