Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Favourites.

There's been quite a few things that I've newly discovered this month and wanted to share them
with you because I absolutely love them!

Soap & Glory Bubble Bath
This is one I've spoken about in a previous post. I had never actually tried anything from Soap & Glory before so I picked up this bubble bath because I absolutely love baths! And I'm just pretty happy that I picked this one up because it smelt amazing and definitely made the bath very relaxing! I would love to try some other products from Soap & Glory so if you have any recommendations please let me know and I'll go and try them out. 

Baby Lip Balms 
These are things I'm starting to sort of collect now, I just think they're super cute and really handy to carry around with you every day. So easy to apply and so useful to have if you sometimes get dry lips like I do, and they'r perfect for things like work because they don't bring too much colour to your lips but they bring a nice shine and makes your lips feel nice and moisturised and soft! 

Rimmel Match Foundation 
This is a product that I have been using for quite a long time now, definitely my favourite foundation that I've tried! Becuase I have pale skin it can be quite hard to find colours that match my skin colour. So if you have pale skin like myself I really recommend '101 classic Ivory' for you.

Benefit Eyebrow filler 
This is a new discovered product for me, and again a first purchase of mine from 'Benefit'. I was just looking around the Benefit stand when one of the assistants who worked with Benefit started chatting to me about this eye brow product and she was actually really helpful even though I wasn't looking to buy anything she recommended this to me and I thought why not give it a go? My sister has also used this product before so I was familiar with it. It's a small product but she told me that it lasted her about 8 months even when she used it every day! It shapes your eye brows really well and defintely something I recommend. It is a little pricer to what I usually spend on make up Items but for me I'd say it was worth it. 

Lasting Collection Concealer 
This is also something that I have been using for a long time now, I'd say it's one of my top favourite all time make up products. I often get really bad dark circles under my eyes and this consealer is like my best friend. It just makes you look more awake and lasts a long time. I go through quite a lot of these.

Kate Lip colour
This is just something that caught my eye when I was out shopping one time and I tend to go for the 'nude' colours on my lips just because that's something I feel comfortable with and that I love. 

I am so in love with this bag I recently purchased from H&M. There was a bright yellow version of this bag which I'd like to go back and see if they still have because it was such a pretty colour. Though I thought White would go more with what I wear, and I think It's perfect for spring/summer. I believe this was around £5.99 so a pretty good bargain if you ask me, especially for H&M! 

I've been loving so many artists this month! So many new albums have come out and I can't stop listening to them, but here's my top three that has recently been released. 

Kelly Clarkson

I've always loved Kelly Clarkson and I think this album has to be my favourite that she's ever done. Just go listen to it! :)

The Veronica's 

I was really happy when I heard they were bringing out a new album because I've always loved their music, it's always really catchy! 

James Bay 

So In love with him and his music so talented! I've only recently discovered his music but so glad that I did because I can't actually stop playing his new album. 

What have been your favourites recently? 


  1. Great list of favorites! I've been wanting to try that Rimmel founation, I've heard good things about it! I'm super pale too so that would definitely match me! And that purse is super cute too!

    I wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on one of my posts! I really appreciate it!
    Ashley Sue Makeup

  2. I've been loving Rimmel's Match foundation and Wake me Up concealer x


  3. Great favorites you picked! I want to try that Rimmel foundation, I've heard good things about it! And that purse is super cute!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment! I wanted to return the favor!
    Ashley Sue Makeup

  4. Fun photos!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  5. Lovely post! :)


  6. Love your post!!



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