Monday, 9 March 2015

Favourite photo editing apps

As someone who loves to upload and edit a lot of pictures I always love finding different photo apps. Some of which I use more than others but they'll be times when I have used them all. 

Photo collage 
This one is great for blogging collages or just general photos, lots of different and unique types of frames to choose from. It also has some really pretty fonts for if you like using text on your photos. 

This is one I have recently discovered and have been using a lot lately. It's great for adding a girly touch to your photos, you can add sparkles, glitter and different patterned effects onto your picture. 


This is one I've had for a long time and one I still use. You can add cute bokeh effects with different shapes and sizes and you can control how bright you what the bokeh to be on your photo. 

Pic candy 

Lots of cute doodles and stickers if you like using those sort of thing on your photos. 


This is my favourite app for the variety of effects it has for your photos. This is one of the first apps I discovered and have always loved it. 


This is one I use a lot! It's great for controlling the lighting and coloured effects on your photo. You can also blur out, sharpen, crop and so on.., 

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