Monday, 16 March 2015

Lovely Lush!

As you know I recently went shopping, I was going to include this in my last haul post but didn't want to make that post too long and thought because 'lush' sells such lovely products I thought it deserved to have it's own post :)

Immaculate Eggception Yellow Bath Bomb

Seeing as Easter is on it's way I absolutely love all the celebration theme products that lush sell. I noticed this egg which I thought was really cute! Place it in a bath like a regular bath bomb and it will turn your water yellow and eventually break into pieces.

Granny Takes A Dip - Bath Bomb

I have actually used this one before and it has become one of my favourite products from lush, each one is different and leaves different patterns in your bath. I love watching it turn your water into different bright colours like a rainbow.

Lonely heart - Bath Melt

This one was the first one that stood out to me and it also smells amazing even though it doesn't have the strongest scent. I thought it would end up leaving my bath full of glitter which It didn't but it wasn't a disappointment at all. At first it turned the water into sort of a soft pinky/red colour and eventually turned my bath into a beautiful bright red neon colour.

Secret Garden Green Bath Bomb

The colours really appealed to me on this bath bomb, a green bath might not seem appealing to some people but it was different and cute and hey I liked it!

And that's it! It wasn't much of a 'shopping spree' in lush but I loved the things that I came home with. Do you have any favourite products from lush? Is there any you would recommend that I could try? :)

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