Thursday, 12 March 2015

Saving Money

I've personally always been pretty good at saving money. I don't tend to spend much unless I have to or If I'm treating myself every now and then. A:though I know for a lot of people saving money can be a struglle especially around my age. So I wanted to share a couple of tips for you to save your money. 

Future purchases
What I mean by this is think of something that you despertaly want to buy in the future. It's always helpful to have something in particular that you deseperatly would love to buy or do, re search how much it's going to cost you and then aim to start saving for that. For me it's travelling, I've been saving up for years and this year I've aimed to have a certain amount and then next year would love to do a lot more travelling with the money I've saved. Maybe you want to travel to? Or you'd like a car, a house? 

Cut down wasting your money
Okay so I'm not saying that you need to stop going out partying completely or going out every night but think about how much that is actually costing you. You'll save a lot of money by staying in with your friends rather than going out, have a party at your own home or have a couple of friends over, you'll definitely save money because you won't be spending it on transport, drinks, or any other activities that you do. 
Try not to spend money for the sake of it If there's a top you've seen you liked do you really need another top or whatever it is that the Item you've seen? 

Money box
Of course you have a bank but another thing I always do is that If I have any lose change with me I often put most of it in a money box which is kept in my bed room. It's great because it's then less tempting to spend it when I'm out and then it all starts to add up when I keep putting the change in. 

So there's a few tips for you, I know sometimes saving money can be a bit of a struggle but hope this helps a little!


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  1. I have a Jelly Baby money box, and I put any loose coins I find lying around in it, probably is all coppers but hopefully one day it will be full :)

    Meme xx

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