Thursday, 12 March 2015

I went shopping!

Hey all! Hows it going?
I recently did a bit of shopping and came back with a few things so of course it's a perfect excuse to do a haul post. It wasn't a huge shopping trip I only ended up purchasing a few things from Boots and H&M but haven't done a haul in a little while!

I cannot go shopping and not go into H&M It is my all time favourite shop and they always do things that I love in there. Anyhow I only came back buying two Items in there one of reasons which is because I'm trying not to spend a lot at the moment and another is that they are actually re doing the shop, normally It's a pretty great H&M and sell a lot of things but It's only on one floor at the moment and have cut down selling a lot.
The first thing which caught my eye was this light pink jersey top with birds on, I usually go for simple/plain things and rarely pick Items with patterns on but recently I've been loving things with patterns and I really liked this and it was only £7.99 which is a pretty good bargin I think!

You can find the Jersey top here,

I then noticed this cute body bag in the accessories section and absolutely love it! I was deciding between a yellow one or this white one, I thought the white one would pretty much go with anything. Although I think I may go back and get the yellow one because it was such a pretty colour and it would have been an amazing colour to wear In the summer. Not that I needed another bag but couldn't walk away from it! If I remember rightly I think this was around £5.99.

I then went into Boots because my make up bag needed some serious updating and replacing. So over the weeks I have been buying quite a few new make up/beauty products. 

I really really didn't need any more nail poslishes but I just loved these colours, I seem to be really loving pink nail polishes at the moment especially since spring has quickly arrived! 
I then also wasn't meaning to buy anything for my brows but I was taking a look at the 'Benefit' section which honestly I have never really tried before. And then got talking to one of the girls who worked on the Benefit counter and she was really helpful talking about this 'Benefit' eyebrow product and she basically just really recommended it to me so I thought why not give it a go? It was a little pricier to make up Items that I usually buy but I wanted to test it out myself, my sister had also been going on about this particular Item. 

'Collection' is one of my favourite brands, If not my favourite. I cannot express how much I love their concealers and eye liners. I definitely needed some new eye shadow's and just thought these were some really pretty colours and perfect for spring with the light pinks and purples! 



  1. I just love that top. The pattern on it is so nice. You got such lovely things. Great post.


  2. Great haul, you bought some really nice things, I think everyone has to buy a barry m nail varnish when they go shopping ;)

    Meme xx

    New post out now:
    'How to advertise your blog with:Vistaprint'

    1. Thank you! Ah yeah definitely I think they're one of those things you can't walk away from because they're so colourful haha.

  3. Amazing top! Cute look :)

  4. Great post! ♥

  5. Love your top and you look so gorgeous, dear. I can see that you have pretty new items here. Lovely.

  6. O top é super giro.

    Isabel Sá

  7. i was just in h&m awhile ago and saw that duck/bird print! so pretty!! :D

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

    1. They always seem to have a lot of great things in H&M which is why it's my favourite shop :) x


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