Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rainy Days...

Lets face it not every day in England is a 'bright and sunny' day in fact most of those days are just filled with cloud or rain. Of course that doesn't stop me from going outside and adventuring out but sometimes when it's raining you just don't feel like going out side and getting wet am I right?
You can be productive while your being in doors as well as being out doors, so here's a few Idea's if you ever start to get bored when your stuck inside.

Sometimes if it's raining I just absolutely love to do nothing but lounge around. I'll wear my comfiest clothes or even my pj's. I'll catch up on some Netflix or social media things and listen to music. Sometimes that's actually one of my favourite things to do, sometimes it's just nice not doing anything and having those 'lazy days'. 

One of my favourite pairs of comfy socks!

Girlie fun!
It's always really important I think to have those 'girlie/me' days where you can pamper yourself and just relax! Paint your nails, have a bath, do some yoga if that's in your interest! Take some time out for yourself, perfect for a rainy day in! 

(Yep I have small nails, haha!)

I know, I know tidying your room isn't the funnest of things to do (for most people) but you can use the 'stuck in doors' excuse to sort through your draws and tidy your room (Gosh I feel like my mum when I say that, haha) but I personally love sorting my draws and cupboards out, it's something I do every few months and I always seem to find things that I forget I had! 

If your in school or college use this time to study! I'm sure you'll come up with loads of excuses when the weather is good and you fall behind on study but seeing as your going to be stuck inside for the rest of the day you may as well do that little bit of dreaded homework.

One of my favourite things to do is to literally sit on the sofa all day long and watch a bunch of movies or a series of something, yes that sounds lazy but like I said before sometimes it's the best way to just chill out!

Baking is also a great way to spend your day indoors, even if your not the greatest baker there's plenty of easy/simple recipes that you can practice! 

I'm sure you'll think of something to do when your stuck in side but just in case you run out these are just some of the things that I do. 


  1. Hello dear, Wooow your blog is wonderful!! ^_^ we could follow on GFC .. as soon as you will follow me, I will return immediately to your blog in order to reciprocate .. I'll wait! a kiss ;*

  2. I'm currently having a lazy day after a really busy weekend haha
    Great post :)

    1. Aw, it's always nice having lazy days when you've been busy! :)

  3. I'm having a pyjamma day today haha! Great post! :) x

    1. I'd literally spend every day in my pj's if I could! :)

  4. Your socks are so cute !

  5. I love a weekend lazy day when the weather is not great, beeinh at home watching Tv Series cuddling with my bf! ♥

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  6. Hi, what's up you alright..?
    Great post, thanks for sharing.
    I like the look of your blog following you.
    Nice photos as well.

    Visit me whenever you have time;

    Kisses, enjoy your weekend. xXx

  7. I love lazy days more than anything!You are so cute!I love your blog.

    If you like beauty and fashion please check out my blog : I follow back:)

    1. Thank you Fiora! I'll be sure to check out your blog :)

  8. actually i'm doing my nails right now ahah


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