Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My favourite invention...

As someone who loves taking photo's I've had my few collections of camera's in my life. I still remember the first one I had ever got and I was so happy with it. I actually have just tried to find a picture of it because I know there is one of me posing with it with my family but sadly couldn't find it, If I ever do though I'll be sure to add it in this little post. :)
But thought I would share with you the top three camera's that I use for day to day life.

This Is the Canon EOS 700D which is one I use the most. I use it a lot for this blog and also just photo's in general. I'm still trying to figure out a lot of it because a DSLR isn't just something you can quickly figure out over night but starting to slowly get the hang of things and this is actually a lot more simpler than a lot of other DLSR's so if your a beginner with these big camera's like myself I do recommend this one for you, of course there are other's too.

Yep, I'm a polaroid lover. Polariods are defintely my favourite types of camera's, I just think they're so fun to play with especially when your hanging out with your friends. I love how you can write on the photo's and they're great for sticking in scrap books and things! 

This Sony compact super zoom camera is actually something that just arrived today in the post. Although I do already have a decent compact camera It's pretty old now and I did a bit of research on this one and as I tested it the quality just seemed a lot better. This will also be really useful for when I go to events that won't let me take my DLSR with me, the zoom is amazing on this camera and I know that I will be using it a lot! 

I've been doing Photography as a hobby ever since I can remember really, It's something I've always been really passionate about and It's something that excites me, I love how we can capture moments in our lives that we can keep forever in a picture.
I do also have a few more camera's but thought I would just show you the main ones that I get the most use out of.

Say cheese! ;)

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