Monday, 2 March 2015

February favourites!

If I'm completely honest I haven't had many new beauty favourites this month so I think this favourites will be more of a 'random favourites'.

The first things I have been loving are these 'baby lips' lip balms. I just love the packaging and the bright colours! I've had the peach one for a while now and absolutely love the smell of it.  The other two I've just recently purchased, they hardly bring any colour to your lips but they give them a nice shine and they're great if you get dry lips especially in the winter.

I then as you know have been trying different things from Soap & glory! I'm really loving the bubble bath at the moment I use it with every bath I take and it smells amazing. They should definitely make some perfume out of some of the scents soap and glory have! I also recently got the Soap & Glory body scrub as a gift but have been loving that too lately. You instantly feel refreshed and even more clean when you rub the body scrub on to your body knowing that there's sea salt included. 

Do you ever find pieces of jewellery you own that you almost forgot about? Last year I bought this beautiful bracelet from John Lewis and I wore it for quite some time and then y'know you move onto another piece of jewellery that you love. I was looking through my jewellery box the other day and decided to wear this again because I really love it. I really like the black straps and then how it has the gold in the front of the bracelet. 

I recently purchased this watch from Marks & Spencer's and have been wearing it every day since then. I love the light pink strap and it's so clear and easy to tell the time! It's perfect for work. 

Music favourites 

This month I have been playing The Vamps album quite a bit! I just find their songs really catchy and I like that they have their own style.
I have also fallen in love with Sam Smith his voice is amazing and full of talent, but he as a person also seems like one of the nicest guys out there. 
George Ezra has also been another favourite of mine recently!

TV favourites 

I say TV favourites but I'm also going to include net flix in this. 'Friends' will always be a favourite of mine, it's something I watch when I need to cheer myself up and it's just something I watch a LOT of the time anyway because I absolutely love it. But seriously I think I need to see someone about my obsession with friends ha. I've then actually been watching a lot of 'Tracy beaker' on netflix lately, I used to love that when I was younger and I love re watching programs now that I used to watch when I was a kid. I've also been watching '90210' on netflix which I used to watch on tv when it was on, but have started watching it again. 

That's it really from what I've been loving this month! What have been your favourite things recently? I would love to hear :) 

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  1. Great favourites!
    I've been watching 90210 on Netflix too!
    Lovely post :)


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