Friday, 27 February 2015

Healthier choices.

This year one of my goals was to be be healthier. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to food especially with fruits and vegetables. Not so much with fruits there's quite a few fruits that I love but with vegetables I'd say the only ones I really like are Carrots, sweet corn and broccoli other than that I don't tend to have any other veg. But then again I'm pretty bad at including vegetables in my diet! So we as a family decided to get one of those nutri bullets which seem to be the trend at the moment. 
Since then I've been trying to have at least one smoothie every day I do admit I haven't actually had one EVERY day but I have definitely had a lot more than I would have done if we didn't have one of these. It's a great way to mix your fruit and veg and some of them actually taste really good! It comes with it's own recipe book for smoothies you can make which is great, although most of the time I tend to just throw in whatever! But I think this is a great way to keep your diet healthy and I definitely would recommend buying one if you haven't yet.

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  1. Haha, carrots, sweet corn and broccoli are EXACTLY the only vegetables that I like, too!
    Although squash can actually taste quite nice, as well - unfortunately, it's only available during such a limited period of time in the year :\


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