Thursday, 19 February 2015

These are a few of my favourite things...

Recently there's been quite a few things that I have been loving so I thought I should share them with you! And who knows maybe you've been loving some of these too?

I bought this perfume last summer and wear it probably most days if not every day, it's lasted me so well and loving it a lot! You know everyone has their sort of 'signature perfumes' I think I've just found mine!

This has always been one of my favourite bracelets to wear, I just think it's so pretty with it's little jewels and the leafy pattern I can't remember how much this was but this was from Accessories (who do some lovely pieces of jewellery!) 

Another piece of jewellery which I've been wearing a lot of lately is this one I purchased from New Look, I love the 'Three in one' necklace look and thought this was really pretty. 

These little snacky bars are so good if you want just a little something to eat, made out of oats and chocolate chips yummy!

Just recently I signed up to Netflix and basically haven't stopped watching it since. I love the fact I can keep up to date with Pretty Little Liars, I'm also loving re watching 90210, Ugly Betty, and a lot of films! I also recently found 'Tracy Beaker' on there which I know yes I'm 22 but I don't know sometimes I love re watching films and tv show that I used to love when I was younger don't you? :)

I'm also loving the app 'IBooks' and I'm currently reading 'In real life' by Nev Schulman who you may have heard from the TV show 'Catfish' I'm only a few chapters of the way through but so far loving it! He talks about his personal experience of 'catfishing' and how we are so attached to the internet and how people pretend to be someone they're not, it's really eye opening and I'm definitely recommending it to you if you haven't read it.

We all know my love for this girl and I have not stopped playing this album since it came out!

This is just such a fun album! It's so catchy. I always for some reason feel like I'm sat in an American diner when listening to this album? But I really love how unique it is and how Meghan puts her own spin in 'pop'.


  1. Oh I that is my favorite perfume too!
    I have a serious addiction with netflix! Oh god! :D

  2. I wish we had Netflix in Australia! Though I'm kind of glad we don't, because I'd never leave my couch. :0


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