Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Wish List

Not long till pay day for me! Here's what's on my wish list at the moment...

Keegan Allen - Live life beauty

I love Keegan in Pretty little liars and I cannot wait to get his book and take a look inside. As a photographer lover myself I'm so excited to see what's inside the pages and following his Instagram account he takes lovely pictures!

Barry M Eye shadow pallet & Make up bag 

My make up bag is starting to get a bit worn out now and a lot of my make up is running out so It's definitely time to update my make up and get a new make up bag all together. I noticed this cute make up bag online in boots and It's something I'm hoping to purhase soon I just think it's really pretty! I also think the eye shadow will be perfect for spring and summer which are on their way. 

While shopping in Marks & spencers the other day I fell in love with these ankle boots I love the buckles across the boots and think they would go with a lot of things. 

Okay, okay I realise that this won't happen for a long time yet but I just want one so badly just too cute! I can just dream for now eh?

Sony super zoom camera 

I wanted to buy myself a small compact camera so I wouldn't have to take my DSLR camera everywhere with me as much as I love it sometimes it can be a bit annoying to carry around. I've already tested this one out in a shop and It's just what i'm looking for! 

Mary berry baking book

I love to bake a lot and I actually do have quite a few baking books already but you can never have too many baking books! 

Waffle maker 

They're just so yummy! 

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