Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My favourite Nail Varnishes.

I have what I call quite a huge collection of nail varnish. Before I started my job I used to wear nail varnish most of the time one of the reasons was because It would help me with my bad habit of picking my nails (yes I'm guilty of that horrible habit!) but since I started my job because we're not allowed to wear nail varnish I haven't been able to wear any as much as I used to do before and I actually miss wearing it. But from my collection of nail varnishes I thought I would share with you my top favourites which are in the picture above. 'Barry M' and 'Essie' are my favourites of all nail varnishes each of them stay on so well and have some really pretty colours.
I think for me my favourite colours to wear on my nails are sort of the purply/pinky colours. I have a lot of different shades of purples and pinks in my collection. But I also absolutely love this colour of blue It just reminds me of summer and it's such a pretty colour. The pink/peachy one on the end is actually more of a pinky shade than a peach colour the photo has just made it a little dark! But I do also love having natural colours on my nails a lot of the times and this is a perfect natural light pink which is also perfect for spring or summer too! But or course it's wearable for any seasons like every nail varnish.
I have many more, maybe I could do a Nail varnish collection post sometime? Let me know if you would like to see that.

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