Sunday, 15 February 2015

Boots Haul

Hey all!
I recently went to Boots and went on a little shopping spree there which I haven't done in a while. Boot's is one of my favourite shops and It's a place where I can just look around for ages. I love to try new things from there and there's also a lot of products there that I buy over and over again.

Lately my skin has been breaking out quite a bit, I'm normally pretty lucky when it comes to spots although recently I have been getting a few. So I wanted to buy some Skin Care products to try. I spotted this 'Spot wand' which is packaged like some concearlers are and it has a little brush bit on the end where you dap that onto your spot. 

I then saw this Simple moisturesure and decided to try it out along with the 'Visable clear pink grapefruit daily scrub' which I haven't yet tried so I'm looking forward to seeing what that's like. 
I'm having quite a few days of work so I thought that would be a great way to 'relax' and pamper myself so I just picked up a couple face masks.

I also purchased another one of those 'baby lip balms' I already have one which I use quite a lot and I love it so wanted to try out another one. I also picked up this Rimmel Kate lipstick which is a really neautral colour in the shade '003' 

I've got really pale skin, I always have had pale skin and I just wanted to try out some fake tan. For me personally I don't think there's anything wrong with using a bit of fake tan, as long as it's not too orange and it doesn't look tacky or cheap I think it's okay to use. I didn't go for one of the most expensive ones because it's my first time using fake tan, so I went for one that was around £13 I believe, If you use fake tan I would love to hear what ones you'd recommend if you want a more natural tanned look. 


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