Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Have you been thinking about cutting your hair but your too scared? If so then don't worry because your not alone! I've been in that exact same position for a long time. Now I don't really like posting selfies of just myself but I wanted to show you my new hair cut, nope I didn't go to the hair dressers, yes I did cut it myself and no I have never ever cut myself or anyone else's hair before.
This year I wanted to have a bit of a change with my image, I want to try new things and this was one of them. For quite a long time I was debating whether to get a hair cut because for a lot of my life apart from when I was younger I've had long hair. But I was so used to my long hair that I became too scared to cut it in case I hated it. A couple of years ago I did have my hair cut once where I had long hair then I had it cut to the length that it is now maybe it was just a bit longer but I ended up hating it and I so desperately wanted my long hair back. So ever since my hair grew and eventually became longish I made a deal with myself that I would never cut it again (look how that turned out haha!)
Even though I love the look of having long hair it became such a pain and most days I would just end up sticking it in a bun, my hair would then get tangled really badly and I just didn't have the time to take proper care of it. So then it came to a day where I just gave in and decided to cut my hair off myself I mean how hard could it be? But in the end I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out and it's just a whole lot easier having short hair for me. It's easier to wash and dry, it doesn't take as long to tie it up or to brush through it. So if your sat there wanting to cut your hair but your too scared my advise is to just go for it. If worst comes to worse and you don't like it, hair grows back and there's other options like hair extensions...
Or if you have super long hair try cutting off a few inches at a time so it's not too drastic at first and then it'll be easier to tell whether you will like having very short hair. :)

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