Friday, 27 February 2015

Beauty haul part one

Hey all! 
I went and did a bit of shopping. My make up bag and all the make up in it are starting to get really old and tatty now so I decided it was time to replace and update what's in there and also need to buy myself a new make up bag. 
I have yet to buy some more things which I need so I decided to do a part one and part two haul and of course I will post a part two when I buy them. 
So let's get started with the first bit! 

Soap & glory bubble bath £1.99
A lot of people rave about soap and glory and I've only ever tried two things from there both of which I have loved! So I wanted to go and try something else and this bubble bath really appealed to me. I've actually used it since I bought it and it smells so good! 

BB cream £6.99
I'm a newbie when it comes to BB cream   , I heard a lot of recommendations about it and wanted to try it out myself. 

Lip colour £5.99
I absolutely love these lip pencils and I wanted to go for something different because I normally tend to stick with natural colours. This one is a beautiful pink and it's perfect for summer or spring! 

Conditioner £2.79
I was in need of some conditioner and have purchased this one before so decided to buy it again.

Eye shadow £2.99
This eye shadow is a really pretty light pink and I think it's something I'll be wearing a lot of throughout spring and summer. 

So that's it for now! I'll keep you updated on the next few things I buy. 
Hope your week is going well! 


  1. The soap&glory products that I've had before were all so nice, as well - I especially like their flake away body scrub :)
    I haven't tried the bubble bath, though but I really want to, now! ♥

  2. Aw I would definitely recommend the bubble bath! I'll keep an eye open for the body scrub, think I may go on a bit of a soap and glory shopping spree haha! x


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