Friday, 20 February 2015

Staying stress free, Relaxing & Choosing happiness.

We all have our moments when things build up and become too much I know I've had mine and ever since that year I was overly stressed about certain things I've put myself in a new frame of mind by trying not to let things get to me so easily and as much and I thought I would share with you my tips on how to relax and take that stress away and to be positive.
Okay so I am no where near an expert on this, because no I'm not always happy, no I'm not always positive and there are times still when I let things get to me. But what I have learnt is that there are certain ways of coping with these issues and how you can deal with them and how I've found ways that has helped me to just move on. I'd like to start of by sharing with you on ways which that help me push through the 'tough and stressful times' and maybe you might do these too? Or if not, maybe you could start trying these things to see if they help you.
  1. Take a nice long relaxing bubble bath - I often take my Iphone with me so I can read the books I'm reading on Ibook or it's a perfect time to catch up on YouTube video's. Or I'll listen to music during having a bath witch I find relaxing. Also get yourself some nice bubble bath or bath bombs to make it that extra bit relaxing for you.

2. Pamper - I think it's always important to have a pamper day where you can sit around using face masks, paint your nails, and basically just have some time for yourself. Try and forget everything that's going on around you and focus on what your doing there and then! 
My favourite face mask at the moment is this one from Boots my skin felt so smooth and refreshed after wards and it smells so good! 

3. Listening to music/Playing music - I find this really helps, there's something about music and when you put your headphones on I don't know about you but I'm in a whole other world where It's just me and that music playing in my ears. But It also really helps to clear my mind and my thoughts depending on what I listen to the lyrics that I'm listening to tend to inspire me and takes me to a different place. 
Do you play an instrument? For me personally I find playing the piano really relaxing, but any instrument I think helps!

4. Positivity and choosing happiness -
This is something that I have been really trying to focus on lately for this to work you have to put yourself in a new frame of mind, you have to try and let go of all that negativity with in you (I know that's easier said than done but you really have to try) I admit I'm not the most positive person because I used to think 'what's the point in being positive when you just get let down all the time?' but that's not the right attitude to have at all. 
What I've realised is that I've been relying on other people or other things to make me happy and I think that's something we all do it's something that we just do naturally. But the only thing that can really make us truly happy is ourselves and how we look at life. Choosing happiness is our own choice to make, no one else. If something that day has gone wrong or if it's been stressful try looking at the positive side of it and say to yourself 'I'm not going to let that bring me down today'. I also find that those cheesy life quotes actually really help me a lot, they're cheesy and cliché for a reason because they are so true. I live my life by a lot of cheesy quote one main one in particular is 'YOLO y'know You Only Live Once?' haha, I laugh but I personally think that's a good quote to live by because It's helped me make so many decisions. 

 Seeing your friends/Being with the people you love - 
Honestly I don't have a LOT of friends but the friends that I do have I have known for years! It's not always easy to see them but when I do It lets me forget about things for a while and just have a laugh and some good times with them!

 Baking/Hobbies -
Baking is one of my main hobbies it's something I do quite a lot and I love doing it. If you feel stressed try to go and do something that you love, it may not be baking but take a moment when you can enjoy doing your hobby where you can just focus on what your doing at that moment in time. 

Watching TV shows/Films
I do a lot of this anyway but definitely if I'm feeling a bit down I'll go and watch FRIENDS or just something that I love. It's one of those things where you can get lost in that story line and your mind is only focussed on what your watching. 

And those are some of my tips on how you can try and take the stress away and just relax! What kind of things do you do that help you stay positive? 

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