Sunday, 22 February 2015


The name of this blog post is such a small word but has a huge meaning to it. I feel like today is a perfect day for me to write about this topic because it's always something that I've felt quite strongly about. I have to be completely honest I do find it hard to trust people there's been so many situations in my life that's either happened to me personally or that I've witnessed and it makes it very hard for me to trust just people in general. I wish it wasn't like that, I wish that I could put all my trust into anyone I meet like some people can but for me It's not that easy. Trust to me is one of the most important things, if not the most important to have in a relationship and I don't mean in just a couple's relation ship but in any relation ships like friends, family, people you work with or anyone you might just see every day. I usually have to make sure that I feel almost 100% comfortable with someone to open up and be my full self around them and If I don't feel like I can trust them even though I'll still talk to them I'll still be 'normal' with them but I won't be my full self around them or I won't say things to them because you never know what could be passed on.
There's been a lot of issues especially with my job's that I have had where I feel like I haven't really been able to trust any body as nice as they may seem to my face something happens and that gives me a reason not to trust them. And I mean not all of it is my own personal experience, a lot of the times it's also when I witness something else happening to someone else which makes me lose confidence in a lot of people. There's not really a point to this story, but lately this has been something that has been playing on my mind and I feel like writing it out could help me in some sort of way? I really wish that I could easily trust people and let my guard down to almost any one but I guess that's just something I have to work on.
What do you think? Who knows maybe any of you reading this may feel the same?

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