Monday, 23 February 2015

Quote of the day.

It's the beginning of the week which means why not make it better than the one before? Here's a motivational quote to get you all started for the week. I find quotes help me a lot, they always put me In a new frame of mind. Today I chose 'Life is what you make it' because recently there's been a few situations in my life where I've needed this kind of quote to change my attitude and the way I look on life sometimes. 
I know that so many things happen within our lives that maybe we can't necessarily control but the thing we can control is how we deal with them and how we look at that situation. If you go through every day feeling negative about every single thing, not believing in yourself and just doubting everything that happens to you your going to mostly live a miserable life. But if you look at things differently and decide to see the positive things in each situation then life for you would be a lot easier, healthier and happier. You and only you are in control of your own life, sure other people have opinions and help you make choices but at the end of the day It's you that makes your own decisions. 
Life is what you make it! 

Hope you all have a good rest of the week, I'm adventuring around London tomorrow as I have some days off work so thought I would just have some 'me' time and go where ever I feel like! Taking my camera with me because I am sure there will be loads of good photo opportunities. Have you got anything planned for the week? would love to hear them :)

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