Saturday, 11 April 2015

What's on my playlist?

I am currently sat on my bed at 11pm on my laptop with my headphones in and my favourite songs on full blast. So I thought why not share with you my favourite artists right now and music that I have been obsessed with! I've never been the one to like what every body else likes, or only likes the songs in the charts. I love discovering new artists and new songs. I also love listening to albums and songs that I used to listen to when I was younger and yes I do still have S club 7 on my I pod. I always just tend to listen to songs that make me happy or that I can relate to, I couldn't care less if they are popular or in 'trend'. 

Kelly Clarkson
Always have loved Kelly's music, I think she's such a real genuine person and she's so talented. 

McFly/McBusted/Busted love all and each! Have always adored McFly and busted and absolutely love them together. 

Taylor Swift 
Most played songs on my itunes, I just love this lady a lot! Defintely a big inspiration of mine and just really adore her. 

The Veronica's 
I was so happy when they brought out a new album because I loved their last one.

Britney Spears/The Back Street Boys
Honestly I have only really just started listening to these artists a lot! I've actually sort of grown up listening to them because my sister loves them both and have always liked their music. But it's only lately that I've been playing their songs a lot and have been loving them. 

James Bay
Defintietely my new celebrity crush! He's gorgeous and extremely talented. His style of music reminds me of Ed Sheeran a little bit but they're totally different at the same time. 

The Vamps
I love the fact that they're not the 'typical' boy band, they have their own style and I find their songs super catchy. Also great live! 

C'mon who doesn't love them? Even before the whole McBusted thing I still listened to their songs constantly, bring back so many great memories, makes me feel like a kid again.

Who do you love at the moment? Hope your having a great weekend in the sunshine! :)

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