Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hi all!
It's been a few days since I last posted but have had a couple of busy days. It's been days of job interviews and spending time with relatives who have come to town. To be honest nothing much has happened but I felt like I needed to write a new post! I was nominated for a liebstar award which was lovely so need to do my answers to the questions I was answered soon!
Yesterday I went for a job interview to work in a bakery in my local Tesco I was really nervous for the interview but I must have done a good job considering the interviewer called me half an hour later saying I had it! There's a new bakery opening in our local tesco store called the "Euphorium" bakery and just saw the ad in the paper not thinking I was going to get it so I'm really pleased that I did.
So I have to start training for the job on the 18th where we get to taste all different types of cakes and things like that which sounds super exciting!
All in all I hope this job is a new start for me, I hope I can gain a lot more confidence and meet new people and I really hope that this job will be a job that I actually like!
Hope you week has been a good week!
Have you been up to much this week?

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