Monday, 8 September 2014

Sunny Santorini

Hey all!
I have just come back from being in Greece for 10 days, we stayed in Paros and then spent 3 days in Santorini. Santorini had been a place I have been wanting to visit ever since I saw 'The sisterhood of the travelling pants' which is one of my favourite films. There's something so special and unique about this island, filled with love, romance, and it's beautiful buildings and friendly people. I loved everything about the island. Every house was sort of similar but yet each of them still had something unique and quirky about them. Cute little pathways which lead of to different little lanes, stunning views from anywhere you stand.
One thing that stood out to me and was obvious about this island is that it was very romantic, sweet couples everywhere you looked holding hands there were points where I actually felt a bit like the odd one out because It seemed that I was the only one who didn't have another half haha! Although there were lots of families there also and a few friends who came to explore the Island together.
There were lots of different restaurants and lovely cafe's to choose from (I really recommend trying any of their cakes which were very tasty!) I'm quite fussy with food so honestly I really just lived on Spaghetti, crepes, and fish the whole time but if your brave with your food there's lots to try!

We stayed in a lovely little villa, It had yellow walls, quirky furniture and the style of the house itself was beautiful It almost felt like we were living in a cave. We had to walk down a steep hill with quite a few steps that lead to a cute little bright blue gate, flowers on the porch, and a very pretty doorway. I wish I had taken more pictures inside to show you.

Where I was sleeping I had a stairway that lead up to our balcony I called it 'The stairway to heaven'. The balcony was the best part of all, with it's stunning views all around. From every single minute of every day people would walk down the stairs taking photo's of each other by our place (because of the views behind) we saw so many tourists, brides, grooms, photo shoots pass us by.

On the last night we went to watch the sunset, this was a different experience to what watching a sunset normally is. Honestly, it was like going on the tubes in London very crowded! There were huge queue's everywhere to try and get a good place to watch the sun go down, I hear people start queuing two hours early just to get a good place It was like queuing for a show!

Every where you turned you could see crowds of people patiently waiting to see the sunset. The best place to watch it is on the main Castle but as it's small it fills up very quickly so you'd have to be there super early to get a good seat. So as the big golden sun went down and turned the sky into beautiful colours a couple gets engaged right in front of the sunset, which then bought a little tear to my eye because those sort of things I just find really romantic and sweet.

I just think If you ever get the chance to go to Santorini please take it because it has turned out to be one of my favourite places on earth and I'm determined to go and visit there again. Scroll down if you would like to see more pictures :)

The view outside our balcony

Another view from the balcony

This beautiful cat would always come and join us on the balcony! I think it was the neighbours cat. So cute though!

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