Sunday, 12 October 2014

I went shopping!

Hey all!
It's been SO long since I last posted, quite a lot has been going on. I've started a new job which has taken up most of my time so I don't get as much free time any more. I've been meaning to write a post for a while now but just haven't got round to doing it. I went shopping today, I didn't go on a huge shopping spree but just thought I would show you what I had purchased because I absolutely love the things I got.

I first went into H&M which with any shopping trip is normally the first shop I go into because sometimes I can spend a LONG time in there. Although I have to say with this trip it was a bit of a let down I was in and out within 15 mins but I did purchase a couple of things.
I should point out that I can't actually remember the prices of these items but I do know that each Item separately was less that £20! 

I noticed these really pretty bangles and I just really adore the colours and patterns on each one. I thought the colours and the style would be perfect for this autumn season. Although I do have small wrists so they might not fit me perfectly but I'll still be wearing them!

Please excuse the out of focusness of some of these pictures my camera isn't being itself lately so I'll have to make do with photo's that are a bit out of focus for now. Anyway, I then spotted these necklaces which I LOVE. The bow I thought was extremely cute! The big circle necklace I thought would go nicely with an outfit that you'd like to smarten up for maybe an interview, a date, or just anywhere that's got a bit of a smarter dress code. I also really love the "cone" shape necklace, I'm much more of a gold person than a silver for when it comes to jewellery.

I really liked the look of this Iphone case, the colours just remind me of autumn. The one I had before was bright blue with pretty flowers on which was very summery! But I liked the fact that this reminded me of autumn. 

Which then brings me to this half outfit I put together with all my recent purchases. I found this simple grey top from New Look which has a gold zip on the back. I thought these necklaces would go really nicely with this top. And then the bracelet which I got from John Lewis. 

I then Instantly fell in love with these socks. One of my favourite things about the cold weather is wrapping up warm in cosy and comfy clothing. Wolly/wintery socks are my favourite! The two hearts on the side of each sock are super cute, and I just love the patterns and the colours over all! 

Hope you've had a nice weekend, I'm back off to work tomorrow unfortunately but gotta earn some money so guess it's gotta happen! xxx

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