Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Catch up.

It's been something of a week, my job seems to be taking over my life right now long shifts and early shifts have just left me feeling really tired. It's the early shifts that sort of kill me, 6am starts up at 5am and the shifts lasts for 8 hours on my feet all day. I mean the job itself is I don't know really I mean It could be better but it also could be a lot worse. It's definitely making me more of a people person, I'm a shy person so sometimes I'm quite awkward at socialising but this is helping me with my confidence and things like that. I don't know how long I'm going to stay there I don't really plan on staying long? Although I've had quite a few jobs and that doesn't always look good on a CV. Although I love cakes and anything to do with baking this job isn't what I thought it would be. I want to try and make my way to become a Photographer or have a career in music, both of which are my main two loves in life.
    This week also brought me some unexpected news, my mum has been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease which I honestly didn't know what that was until she explained it to me and my family. I'm a big worrier so I think I'm going to be spending most of my time worrying about her now. She's fine at the moment, but I'm more worried about what happens further down the track It's a thing which gets worse, not better. But we've just got to support her and all be there as a family with her.
   Today was not the greatest of days. Work wasn't great, and it's just been one of those days. But I'm so exhausted right now having been up for 15 hours I think I'm in need of some beauty sleep. My mind is else where, and I'm probably be going to lay in bed for hours just over thinking and panicking about things which is what I tend to do most of the time. Even though my week wasn't so great I hope you've had a good week! Have you been up to much? Oh I have also been OBSESSED with Out Of The Woods by Taylor Swift which literally has been on repeat, it's definitely my jam right now and I just really cannot wait till 1989! :0

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