Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A little lush haul!

I also recently went to Lush, although I don't shop there ALL the time I absolutely love it! I normally shop there online and having recently watched some lush haul video's It made me have the urge to purchase a few things myself.

I actually really liked all the products I got. Although I have to say my favourite was definitely the Christmas Bath melt and the foott cream! Having a job where I'm on my feet for over 8 hours straight can be really tiring not just for myself but for my feet too. I had never really thought of having foot cream before but this for some reason caught my eye and I wanted to try it out. The cream itself is a beautiful pink colour and smells great! Generally it just left my feet feeling incredibly smooth and relaxed. They say it's best at use just before you go to bed! But you can really use it whenever. 

Onto the Christmas Bath Bomb. I actually thought this was a bath bomb at first but realised it wasn't when I put it into the water haha. So I was expecting a lot of glitter or sparkly bits in the bath. But even though It wasn't what I expected it turned out being one of my favourite products that I've ever used from Lush! Firstly it smells AMAZING y'know like the smell of Christmas SO GOOD. It also turns your bath into one of the most beautiful shades of green which I loved! I noticed it left my skin feeling incredibly smooth!

I also loved the other two products which were 'Northern lights' and *forgets the name of the bath bomb. Sorry yeah I forgot the name haha, but It'll still be down on the website if your interested. Both very colourful :)

So that's it, I'm very much of a bath person so I always love trying different bath products and things from lush and just in general. 

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