Thursday, 25 February 2016

Streets of London.

London is one of my absolute favourite places in the world no matter how busy it is the business of the streets will never take away the beautiful buildings and surroundings. Yesterday I went on a little adventure around London, I had some places in mind that I wanted to go to but I also just went with the flow. As I'm getting more and more confident with getting the tubes on my own I feel like London trips are getting easier for me and that I can get around quite easily on my own now without relying on someone else's good geography.

I firstly took a little look round Warwick Avenue which was quite a pretty place with a perfect view of the river and boats that you can look across just minutes away from the tube station.

I also looked around Picadilly circus and came across China town which I've never actually been too before so it was nice to have an explore around there. Found a lovely little sweet/snack shop which sells so many types of different flavoured Pockey which are delicious!

My friend also lives in London so we had a lovely catch up and adventured around Notting Hill which is one of the cutest and most unique places I have visited. It's like London's version of Brighton. It was my first time visiting there and I'm so excited to go back again especially when it's a bit warmer in the summer.

Definitely looking forward to spending more time in London when the weather is a bit warmer, sunny London is my favourite and everything looks just that little bit better in the sunshine, y'know what I mean?


  1. Wow, I absolutely love your pictures ! They are so amazing, and the sunshine is so beautiful ! Very great post !! <3

    Suzanne xx

  2. I love love love the way the paint separates the houses (blue and pink), it's so adorable!
    Erin |

  3. Really interesting post, I love how you have captured London in your photographs! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. I love the photograph of the different coloured buildings in pastel!


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