Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Boots Haul/Recommendations

Hi all!
Yesterday I went into London for a bit of a shopping spree, considering I'm out of a job at the moment I wanted to make at least one more trip to London as I probably won't be able to for a while because of money! One of the main shops I needed to go in was Boots, I came in originally looking for a new eyebrow brush because mine has somehow gone missing. I popped into two boots but couldn't seem to find any! However I did also need to buy myself some Items that I have recently been loving again! I've previously had these products before and have been using them a lot (Minus the nail varnish)

Personally I think the 'lasting perfection' concealer is one of the best concealers out there. This is the third time I have gone out to buy this product and it beats all the other ones I have tried out. It's great coverage and the colour is perfect for my skin. If you have pale skin like me I'd go for the 'Fair 1' which is the one I use. I also have really bad dark circles under my eyes which makes me look half dead but this is great to use under your eyes too and this was £4.19

I didn't come in looking for nail varnish but I did see this colour that really stood out to me and it's a orangy/pinky/corally type of colour, it's really pretty and perfect for the summer you can buy this for £2,99

Lastly I'm currently loving these 'Lasting finish colour rush' lip crayons. I've gone for the more natural colours because that's normally the look I go for but there's loads of really pretty bright colours too! This is the second time I've used the one in the middle which is a really soft/natural pink which isn't too harsh but still brings a pretty colour to your lips. I also wanted to try a different colour so I went for this maroon/purple one which I thought looked really pretty.

The colours are actually not that much different from each other, the top one has got more of a reddish tint and the bottom one is the more purply colour. You can get these for £5.99

I didn't get much from boots but I do really recommend these products. What have been your favourite Boots products recently?

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