Monday, 30 June 2014

. Puppies, Crazy dog people & Dog shows.

This weekend me and my parents went away to Doncaster (which may be the home of Louis Tomlinson) for One direction fans ;) but it is also the home of my Grandma. We drove up Saturday morning I woke up at 7.30am that day which to be honest is pretty amazing for me because I am not a morning person at all! It's a three hour drive from where we live, Kofi also came with us because the main reason we were going is because we were going to meet his mum and brother for the first time since he was born. For me I actually quite like car journeys because I can just put my headphones on and daydream away with the music I listen to haha.
So we arrived at the house which I haven't been to for almost 7 years since my grandpa passed away so it felt a little strange being back there, but a lot of good memories have come from that house and it's such a nice house too.
 We then drove a little bit out of town to a camp site where the family of Kofi's mum and brother were staying for the weekend. We stayed for a few hours and let the dogs run wild! Every person who was there was dog mad! I absolutely love dogs but I'm not one of those crazy dog people and actually I'm more of a cat person haha but it was nice to see all the dogs that were Kofi's breed.
 On Sunday we went back to the Camp site where they were holding a dog show where we entered Kofi and this was the first time he had ever been in one and also the first time I have ever been in the ring competing in one. Kofi came last in all the ones he entered, he just wanted to play with the other dogs in the ring but it was his first time so he did good for his first show. It was so sweet to see him and his mum and brother re united again it's almost as if they remember each other and It was a shame that the weather wasn't great, It was wet and very cold but I guess you can expect that from the English weather eh?

 Kofi and his mum.

Kofi and his brother. 

This one is a little out of focus but I love it haha! 

But anyway had a pretty good weekend, nice to be home again though. What have you been up to this weekend? 

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