Sunday, 18 January 2015

Happiness & Confidence

I think throughout this year you'll find a few posts on the topic of 'happiness & confidence' this is something that I'm focussing so much on for myself this year and it helps to write things down to remind myself of them, and I thought it would help remind you on tips to be happy and confident.
I'm not the best at giving tips on how to become 'happy' and 'confident' because I have never truly been confident in myself or what I do but I'll do my very best.
One of the secrets to being happy is being confident within yourself, and that doesn't mean you have to be arrogant or full of yourself it just means that you have to learn to like yourself or accept that you can never be anybody else. To me 'liking' yourself is really important because after all it shouldn't matter what other people think or say about you, you shouldn't have to rely on other people's opinions or thoughts about you to make you feel 'okay' with being you and the choices you make. For me I have never been a confident person but I realised that It's time to make a change, I want to be proud of myself and I want to just simply 'like' me. You can never be any body else but YOU, you will always have your body, you will always have the characteristics that make you YOU, sure you can change them from time to time but it's not like you can take off someone eyes and stick them onto your face we've got to learn to like what we have. I feel like that if you finally become happy with yourself everything else becomes that little bit easier because your not doubting yourself so much. If you start to worry less about things that you shouldn't need to worry about then I think as a result of that you'll become happier.
This is such a strong topic for myself personally because this is something I've always tried to work on and slowly I'm finding myself becoming that little bit more confident and because of that I'm that little bit more happier. In my previous post my quote of the day was "Worry less, live more" And that's something I'm going to try and follow from now on. I think we rely on things or certain people and think that they will bring us happiness and if we don't find them then we won't be happy but that's not true. WE have to choose the happiness ourselves, we shouldn't have to rely on others to make us happy. :)

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