Thursday, 8 January 2015

My Most used make up products/what's in my Make Up bag?

I'm no expert when it comes to make up so I won't go into too much detail pretending I know everything about it. But over the recent years there are some products that I have used over and over and I tend to stick with the products that I know and love. Although that's not saying I'm not up to trying new products, because I totally am! I've used the ones I'm about to show you a lot so that's why they all look a bit tatty and well um over used haha! 
So firstly I adore my make up bag which also is looking a bit messy now so I may have to wash it! This is from Primark, they actually do some really cute make up/toilet bags in there so be sure to check those out if your looking for one. This one I actually purchased a couple of years ago and it has lasted me well, the price however I can't remember but It's primark so It wasn't very expensive! 


For lips at the moment I'm using 'Baby lips' Lip balm and the Rimmel lip colour which doesn't have too much colour but it gives your lips a really pretty red tint to them.


For my face I use the 'collection' powder, sometimes If I can't be bothered (that sounds really lazy!) to put on foundation I just quickly put this powder on especially if I'm going out with no make up on I'll just put this on to give my face a little something. 

For blushes I have been using a really pretty shimmery bourjois product which is pink but has a touch of gold! And then I use one from Rimmel which I think looks amazing for the summer season! 

To apply those I use my Real Technique blush brush which I love! 

I have used this 'Too faced' eye kit pallet for a LONG time it's lasted me so well! I love the fact that you an do so many different eye looks with just one pallet and the colours are so beautiful. It's the most I've ever paid for any kind of make up about £30 or so I think it was or may have been a bit less! But It was definitely worth it for me.

Another product from 'collection' I absolutely love this eye liner, It's pretty easy to apply if your not an expert with eye liner. 

For the brushes I just use a Real Technique eye shadow brush and then I think I found the white brush from Tesco? It was from some supermarket anyway. But It's really good if like me you use eye shadow underneath your eyes instead of eye liner. 

And then lastly I use the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. For concealer I use this one from 'collection' which is my all time favourite concealer! I also use these face wipes although I do change what face wipes I use often. 

So that's It really! I don't have a lot of make up, I don't really have time to spend hours on it haha. But these are the products that I use for my 'every day' make up. 
I'm always up for trying new products so if you have any that you'd recommend I would love to hear them! :)

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