Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Vlogging favourites.

Evening everyone!
So I absolutely love watching people's vlogs, I just seem to get really interested into how other people live and what they get up to. I thought I would share with you my favourite vloggers right now. I'll throw in a few YouTubers here and there too.

The ShayTards


The Shaytards were the first vloggers I ever came across (Not the first Youtuber) but they were the ones who introduced me to this whole vlogging world. I've actually been watching them for about 4 years or so now which is kind of crazy to think about! Often people will find it strange that others watch people online, but it's the thing now isn't it? I don't find it that strange at all really, it's just like a reality show but on YouTube and so much more genuine. I just love the bond they have between their family, and I love the fact that they're 'family' people and they just love to hang out with theirs.

The SacconeJoly's


The SacconeJoly's are one of the most recent vloggers I've come across but yet have already become one of my favourite families on YouTube. I love the relationship between Anna and Jonathan and they have two of the most adorable kids Emelia and Eduardo and a bunch of cute little doggies!

Tom Fletcher

I've always been such a huge fan of McFly and I absolutely love this man, he's hilarious! His video's always makes me chuckle away and he just has a really great sense of humor!

Gioavanna Fletcher 


Giovanna fletcher is a talented author and Tom's wife. If you notice I pretty much love the fletcher family as I'll be adding Carrie in this post too! They have the cutest baby boy 'buzz' which is a pretty cool name if I must say so myself! 

Carrie Fletcher 


It only makes sense to add Carrie in after Tom and Gi! I love how unique Carrie's video's are, she talks about topics that are so relatable and pretty inspiring too. She doesn't seem to 'follow the crowd' on YouTube and just really says what's on her mind.

It's Judy's Life


This is a family that I've been watching for a while now, Judy and Ben have three beautiful kids Juliana (I absolutely love that name!) and twins Kiera and Mia. It's so sweet to watch Juliana play with her younger sisters and they're just a really sweet family.

Dolly Bow Bow

I honestly think this is a really underrated channel, Kate is someone I've been watching for quite a long time now and she just seems like a really sweet, down to earth person. She's just had a son called Archie who is adorable! She vlogs as well as uploads on her main channel. 

Tanya Burr


Tanya seems like one of the nicest people on YouTube, I remember when I was first really getting into make up when I was a bit younger and coming across her video's. :)

Caspar Lee


He's just hilarious! 



I think Zoe was one of the first YouTubers I discovered and have been watching her video's/vlogs ever since really. I think her stories relate to so many of us and she seems like a really sweet person. 

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